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TEPCO Ties To The Yakuza: Gone? Police Sources Still Skeptical. by Jake Andelstein

TEPCO Ties To The Yakuza: Gone? Police Sources Still Skeptical..  Posted by J

book by JA

Tokyo Vice is the story of Jake Adelstein, the only American journalist ever to have been admitted to the insular Tokyo Metropolitan Police press club: a unique, firsthand, revelatory look at Japanese culture from the underbelly up.

You fill find out the names of TEPCO and Soka Gakkai who have connections with Yakuza  in this book.


TEPCO said it has detected 2.35 billion becquerels of cesium per liter from water…

Radiation in water leakage at Fukushima plant as high as 2011 crisis

TOKYO, July 27, 2013 Kyodo News

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Saturday it has detected 2.35 billion becquerels of cesium per liter from water in an underground passage at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that is seeping into the sea, roughly the same level as seen in a contaminated water leak into the sea in April 2011 shortly after the nuclear disaster the preceding month.

The water sample taken Friday from a trench contained 750 million becquerels of cesium-134 and 1.6 billion becquerels of cesium-137 per liter, while 750 million becquerels of other radioactive substances were detected, according to TEPCO.

The trench, which is believed to be the source of the latest water leakage into the sea, is located below the No. 2 reactor turbine building.

TEPCO confessed Fukushima Unit 3 Steaming Again! on 24 July 2013

Criminal TEPCO confessed that Fukushima Unit 3 steaming again, third time in a week on 24 July 2013. They had known already about it since few days, but there was a political election on Sunday, which their people were candidates. Japanese are blaming TEPCO that because of the election they kept quiet about the accident of Unit 3 for days.

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Horror ‘KOBE CHILD MURDER’ is believed as a set trap by TEPCO President Katsumata

Many Japanese believe sinful TEPCO was punished by Tohoku Earthquake 2011, because of many crimes which were committed for decades by them though all cases were never judged as their charges.

It is known that former TEPCO’s President Katsumata, who is also a member of the cult Soka Gakkai (SGI)  has used to say ‘TEPCO can use even Yakuza (Japanese mafia) if necessary’.

Katsumata’s lover, Yasuko Watanabe’s murder happened on March 8, 1997. Everybody’s eyes were on the mysterious murder case. But on May 24 and 25, 1997, horror murder cases ‘KOBE CHILD MURDER’ occurred, a boy’s head was placed on the wall of a junior high school at Kobe city. Now mass media and all Japanese focused on the Kobe Child Murder only. Though a suspicious man was witnessed by several people near the spot, just a 14 year boy called ‘Seito Sakakibara’ was arrested.

14 year boy was arrested

Seito Sakakibara who was innocent!

About details about ‘KOBE CHILD MURDER’ in English

You can see this case in Wikipedia, too. –  A number of people, including Shōjirō Gotō (a lawyer who dealt with many false accusation cases), Hidehiko Kumagai and Nobuyoshi Iwata (former principal of the junior high school that Boy A attended), insist that Boy A was wrongfully accused and point out contradictions in the statements of the investigating authorities, for example:

  • Police investigators said that one of the murders was made by a left-handed person: Boy A is right-handed.
  • Boy A’s confession contained many absurd statements and claims of things that would be impossible for a 14-year-old to do.  ( His parents and teachers, his friends knew the boy was not good at study in school.)
  • Boy A had bad grades, and yet his confession was complex (if cryptic) and contained many elaborate figures of speech and similes.     (from Wikipedia)


Now all Japanese know this was a false charge. But real criminal has not been found out like the YASUKO WATANABE’s murder case. Many Japanese believe Kobe Child Murder case was set a trap by TEPCO in order to distract people’s attentions from the TEPCO’s Executive, Yasuko Watanabe Murder case. Actually this kind of criminal cases (only for distracting attentions) have happened several times in Japan. They use normally Yakuza with money. This is our Japan. Those who have money, high positions in society have been destroying our JAPAN.

To tell the truth Japanese mass media, Police are under their controls. Nobody, no Japanese believe them anymore.

REPORTER WITHOUT BORDERS org shows the Ranking for Freedom of the Press  Worldwide in 2013 – Japan is 53rd among 179 countries, the worst country among all developed countries.

Mysterious murder of TEPCO’s Executive who was a lover of President Katsumata

After Japan met the catastrophe ‘Tohoku Earthquake 2011’ on Marth 11th 2011,  there was a big news about the past murder case of TEPCO‘s executive, Yasuko Watanabe who was a lover of TEPCO’s president Mr.Katsumata, the member of the cult SGI (Soka Gakkai). Anyhow, this murder happened only in 1997 and a Nepali, Govinda Prasad Mainali was arrested in suspicious way. That’s why mass media suddenly repeated this case after the Tohoku Earthquake 2011 which caused Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster.

I was deeply impressed by this case of TEPCO’s executive death. In internet, people talked curiously about her, because she was a rich executive of rich TEPCO, Yasuko Watanabe’s annual income was  more than 100,000 US dollars. But news treated her just as a Pink collar worker who was also working as a prostitute at the night. After this murder case of Yasuko Watanabe 1997, several books and films, even a TV serial expressed her strange life and death.

After some month of the Earthquake 2011, I searched the news of the murder of Yasuko Watanabe again. Strange enough… I could not find the news with the matter as ‘she was Katsumata’s lover’ any more…  I felt TEPCO’s President Katsumata did something to control mass media with money and mafia as many other Japanese guessed so. Yasuko Watanabe’s father was TEPCO’s executive, too. He was known that he was strongly against NUCLEAR POWER PLANT but he died due to cancer.  His daughter Yasuko Watanabe was employed by President Katsumata himself. But she was like her father, intelligent lady and she was proposing GEOTHERMAL ELECTRIC POWER Generation.

In the same year of the earthquake, 2011,  it was found that Yasuko Watanabe was killed by unknown but a Japanese mafia, YAKUZA.  Govinda Prasad Mainali was released after 15 years. Yet, the real criminal has not been found.

BBC News about Govinda Mainali – Nepal man cleared of Japan murder after 15 years in jail

JAPAN Times about Govinda Mainali in Egnlish – Mainali eyes wrongful imprisonment suit against Japan

Secrets of the murder of Yasuko Watanabe in Japanese

A Judiciary System Guilty of Injustice about Govinda Mainali’s case etc. (English and other languages)

TEPCO(Fukushima)’s President Katsumata is the cult SGI’s member

TEPCO which caused the hell on the earth, have many dark faces.  Several people who are against nuclear power plans died in suspicious ways in past dacades, but police ended all cases as suicides. I will introduce them later. They have vicious power to control police and mass media.


Some of executives of TEPCO are the cult SGI (Soka Gakkai)’s members. Many SGI’s college students join TEPCO. That means TEPCO has such relation with the cult SGI.

These are a part of the list of presidents of Japanese major companies who attend SGI’s Executive Meeting (reported in 2012 ; present position can be different). You can see the name of TEPCO’s president in the middle with bold and italic letters. I will translate the list into English. Please see updates of this page if you are interested in.

長谷川 康司(首都高速道路 代表取締役会長)
角川 歴彦(角川ホールディングス 代表取締役会長兼CEO)
鳥井 信吾(サントリー 代表取締役副社長) Shingo ToriiSuntory Holdings Limited
秋草 直之(富士通 代表取締役会長)  Naoyuki Akikusa – FUJITSU
山本 梁介(スーパーホテル 会長)
大山 健太郎(アイリスオ-ヤマ 代表取締役社長)
髙田 孝治(読売テレビ放送 代表取締役社長) Kouji Takada – TV Yomiuri
髙部 豊彦(東日本電信電話 代表取締役社長) Toyohiko Takabe – NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE EAST CORPORATION (NTT)
山本 孝昭(ドリーム・アーツ 代表取締役社長)
鈴木 正一郎(王子製紙 代表取締役会長)
田邉 忠夫(ケイ・オプティコム 代表取締役社長)
今泉 嘉久(プラス 代表取締役社長)
飛田 秀一(北國新聞社 代表取締役社長・主筆)
山口 信夫(旭化成 代表取締役会長) Nobuo YamaguchiAsahi Kasei Corporation
小西 新太郎(小西酒造 代表取締役社長)
松尾 新吾(九州電力 代表取締役社長) Shingo MatsuoKYUSHU ELECTRIC POWER CO., INC
幕田 圭一(東北電力 代表取締役会長) Keiichi MakutaTohoku Electric Power Co., Inc.
川田 達男(セーレン 代表取締役社長)
田中 邦彦(くらコーポレーション 代表取締役社長)
佐藤 安弘(キリンホールディングス 相談役(前会長))
野中ともよ(ティオーエムファクトリー 取締役)
ロバート・エンスリン(SAPジャパン 代表取締役会長兼CEO)
重村 一(ニッポン放送 代表取締役会長)  Hajime ShigemuraNippon Broadcasting System
広瀬 道貞(テレビ朝日 代表取締役会長) Michisada HiroseTV Asahi
矢野 薫(本電気 代表取締役執行役員社長)
鳥原 光憲(東京ガス 代表取締役社長)Mitsunori Torihara – Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
大歳 卓麻(日本アイ・ビー・エム 代表取締役社長) Takuma Ootoshi – IBM Japan
勝俣 恒久(東京電力 取締役社長)  Tsunehisa Katsumata- TEPCO
伊澤 平一(勝山企業 代表取締役会長)
庄山 悦彦(日立製作所 取締役兼執行役会長)Etsuhiko ShouyamaHITACHI
新井田 傳(幸 楽 苑 代表取締役会長兼社長)
岡田 正昭(アサヒ飲料 代表取締役社長) Masaaki Okada – Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd
清野 智(東日本旅客鉄道 代表取締役社長) Satoshi Seino – East Japan Railway Company (JR East Japan)
西松 遙(日本航空 代表取締役社長)  Haruka Nishimatsu – All Nippon Airline (ANA)
鶴田 尚正(日本出版販売 相談役(前会長))
石川 聰(共同通信社 代表取締役社長) Satoshi Ishikawa – Kyodo News
葉山 莞児(大成建設 代表取締役会長)
佐藤 健(三菱製紙 取締役社長執行役員)
樋口 武男(大和ハウス工業 代表取締役会長)
井上 準二(アイ・ティ・フロンティア 代表取締役社長)
三木 繁光(三菱東京UFJ銀行 相談役(前会長) Shigemitsu Mitsuki – The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
小野寺 正(KDDI 代表取締役社長兼会長) Tadashi OnoderaKDDI Corporation
山口 政廣(共同印刷 取締役会長)
太田 美明(太田胃散 代表取締役社長)
花田 勗(福島民報社 代表取締役会長)
金井 耿(日本旅行 代表取締役会長) Akira Kanai –  Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd.
中田 正博(時事通信社 代表取締役社長)
三木 明博(文化放送 代表取締役社長)
石塚 邦雄(三越伊勢丹ホールディングス 代表取締役社長)
山田 昇(ヤマダ電機 代表取締役会長兼CEO)
小城 武彦(丸善 代表取締役社長)
帯野 久美子(インターアクト・ジャパン 代表取締役)
枡本 晃章(日本動力協会 会長)
河部 浩幸(九電工 代表取締役会長)
鈴木 敏夫(スタジオジブリ 代表取締役プロデューサー) Toshio Suzuki Studio Ghibli, Inc.
浅海 保(株式会社中央公論新社 代表取締役社長)
鈴木 順也(日本写真印刷株式会社 代表取締役社長)
前田 新造(株式会社資生堂 代表取締役社長) Shinzo Maeda –  Shiseido Company, Limited
田江 泰彦(株式会社今井書店グループ 代表取締役社長)
泉山 元(三八五流通株式会社 代表取締役社長)
井上 剛宏(株式会社植芳造園 代表取締役社長)
石原 進(九州旅客鉄道株式会社 代表取締役会長)
秋山 政徳(スカパーJSAT株式会社 代表取締役社長)
大坪 文雄(パナソニック株式会社 代表取締役社長) Fumio Ohtsubo – Panasonic
前田 晃伸(みずほフィナンシャル株式会社 取締役会長)
朝比奈 豊(株式会社毎日新聞社 代表取締役社長) Yutaka Asahina – Mainichi Shimbun
大田 弘(株式会社熊谷組 代表取締役社長)
川崎 秀一(沖電気工業株式会社 代表取締役社長)


A Divorce is demanded to brain-washed Crown Prince Naruhito

There are many shocking news about the cult SGI’s crimes; they have killed so many people, including prominent persons like Juzo Itami (a great film maker of Japan, please look at Wikipedia with JUZO ITAMI), politicians like Akiyo Asaki .

But this was most shocking one – Crown Princess Masako was sent by SGI, a CULT! Now we Japanese wish their IMPERIAL DIVORCE only. Please encourage divorce to our Imperial Family. The Emperor Hisahito and Empress Michiko cannot persuade brain-washed Crown Prince Naruhito at all. The topic of divorce about Crown Prince and Crown Princess has been raised among Imperial family already. SGI members who can enter the Imperial Palace, many of them are from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Imagine if Crown Princess begets a male child in the future! Please be aware, among the whole world EMPEROR exists only in Japan now. This is the fact this position is highest in the world. If the time which present Tennou, Emperor Akihito with good characters must give the position to brain- washed Crown Prince by the CULT, SGI, the hell of world starts gradually as everybody can imagine easily.

If the son of Crown Princess who is the member of SGI, becomes the Emperor of Japan, he will dominate Japan with the help of SGI and Korea. We should not forget that Daisuke Ikeda, the leader of SGI and Crown Princess Masako can be of North Korea decent. Their aim is to dominate Japan, Korea & North Korea, later the whole world. They may try to fight with other countries soon. Well, now there is a big chance to act because SGI’s leader, Daisaku Ikeda must have passed away this year. SGI has been still trying to hide this fact to continue their plot though his death has been publicized by media.

We need help from other countries! Please kindly help our Emperor and Empress, second Prince Akishino’s family who have been suffered from those facts alone and tortured by Crown Princess Masako and her SGI members. You will also find out these facts easily through internet. These things are not secret any more in Japan. You will find out lot of those articles in Enghlish, videos of Youtube.

We have been praying Emperor Akihito lives long, being afraid of brain-washed Crown Prince Naruhito is going to become next Emperor…