The statue of Crown Princess Masako & Aiko was named ‘Korean Princess Baby’

Our Japanese People became to know this news below around 2007:

The one of facts is the statue of Crown Princess Masako & Aiko which was made by Korean Government (it is not North Korea). It was shown on this site. But now you cannot find it out from this link. Anyhow luckily many people copied this photo and spread in internet. And this photo’s name was  ‘Korean Princess Baby’…. it shows a horror fact.

If you search with the word ‘雅子さん  愛子さん  銅像’  ( means Masako, Aiko, Statue) with google, you can see this statue. (It means ‘Masako Aiko Satatue’ only. ) If you use google search with this Japanese sentence, it shows about 293,000 results (on 4 June 2013). That shows this statue made by Korean Govt. have been confusing Japanese to great extent because as you know, Korea and Japan are not good friends.

Korean Princess Baby

One of many Confused Japanese put a question why Government of South Korea built a statue of Princess Masako & Aiko? on Yahoo Japan site:

After Little Princess Aiko was born to Crown Princess Masako in 2001, the second son of Emperor Akihito, Prince Akishino was blessed a son, little Prince Hisahito in 2006. South Korean Government totally ignored this news of new born male child though they sent lot of congratulatory addresses to Aiko’s birth. In Japan, Empress is not accepted easily. Crown Princess Masako who was sent by SGI has been insisting that Princess Aiko must be our Empress in the future. This was official announcement.


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