Horror ‘KOBE CHILD MURDER’ is believed as a set trap by TEPCO President Katsumata

Many Japanese believe sinful TEPCO was punished by Tohoku Earthquake 2011, because of many crimes which were committed for decades by them though all cases were never judged as their charges.

It is known that former TEPCO’s President Katsumata, who is also a member of the cult Soka Gakkai (SGI)  has used to say ‘TEPCO can use even Yakuza (Japanese mafia) if necessary’.

Katsumata’s lover, Yasuko Watanabe’s murder happened on March 8, 1997. Everybody’s eyes were on the mysterious murder case. But on May 24 and 25, 1997, horror murder cases ‘KOBE CHILD MURDER’ occurred, a boy’s head was placed on the wall of a junior high school at Kobe city. Now mass media and all Japanese focused on the Kobe Child Murder only. Though a suspicious man was witnessed by several people near the spot, just a 14 year boy called ‘Seito Sakakibara’ was arrested.

14 year boy was arrested

Seito Sakakibara who was innocent!

About details about ‘KOBE CHILD MURDER’ in English

You can see this case in Wikipedia, too. –  A number of people, including Shōjirō Gotō (a lawyer who dealt with many false accusation cases), Hidehiko Kumagai and Nobuyoshi Iwata (former principal of the junior high school that Boy A attended), insist that Boy A was wrongfully accused and point out contradictions in the statements of the investigating authorities, for example:

  • Police investigators said that one of the murders was made by a left-handed person: Boy A is right-handed.
  • Boy A’s confession contained many absurd statements and claims of things that would be impossible for a 14-year-old to do.  ( His parents and teachers, his friends knew the boy was not good at study in school.)
  • Boy A had bad grades, and yet his confession was complex (if cryptic) and contained many elaborate figures of speech and similes.     (from Wikipedia)


Now all Japanese know this was a false charge. But real criminal has not been found out like the YASUKO WATANABE’s murder case. Many Japanese believe Kobe Child Murder case was set a trap by TEPCO in order to distract people’s attentions from the TEPCO’s Executive, Yasuko Watanabe Murder case. Actually this kind of criminal cases (only for distracting attentions) have happened several times in Japan. They use normally Yakuza with money. This is our Japan. Those who have money, high positions in society have been destroying our JAPAN.

To tell the truth Japanese mass media, Police are under their controls. Nobody, no Japanese believe them anymore.

REPORTER WITHOUT BORDERS org shows the Ranking for Freedom of the Press  Worldwide in 2013 – Japan is 53rd among 179 countries, the worst country among all developed countries.

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(1933 – 1997) A Japanese film director. The movies he directed, all of which he wrote himself, are comic satires. https://juzoitami1997.wordpress.com/

4 responses to “Horror ‘KOBE CHILD MURDER’ is believed as a set trap by TEPCO President Katsumata”

  1. sundial004 says :

    Justice is often hard to come by; that is why it is so precious.

  2. Jeffrey Hardin says :

    Great site, and thank you for following Jericho777…
    Have posted this article and three others on Jericho777…
    Fantastic reads Brother Itam thank you…

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