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The Nuclear Workforce – they use the foreign workers to dive into the water…

Nightmare of Fukushima workers

Fukushima Workers expose Nightmare Working Conditions on YOUTUBE

The Japanese nuclear industry is controlled by the Yakuza and the ex-Japanese Army group. The salary difference between the employees working for the company directory under TEPCO and the ones from the company under few more companies are about 93%. Basically, the work request goes through several companies and the companies get some margin for asking another company. TEPCO seems to put the censorship on the employees that if they speak about the business to the media, they will get fired.

Who is checking the used nuke fuel pool or the reactor filled with water in the nuclear plant in Japan? That’s the foreign workers. They use the foreign workers to dive into the water to check the area required for fixing. These workers are treated with bear after the work for taking out the radioactive contamination from their bodies. If they cannot speak Japanese, they have no idea what kind of job they are asked to do. These workers might be the prisoners as the rumor says.

Reported by Mr. Hiroyuki Watanabe, a member of Japanese Communist Party, living in Iwaki city, Fukushima  Report in Japanese

Nuclear Mafia Derails Democracy in Japan


“End of the day, factory whistle cries, Men walk through these gates with death in their eyes” – Bruce Springsteen, Factory (1)

“Bring us the living dead. People no one will miss.” – Fukushima official’s request to Yakuza (2)

“TEPCO’s involvement with anti-social forces and their inability to filter them out of the work-place is a national security issue … Nuclear energy shouldn’t be in the hands of the yakuza. They’re gamblers and an intelligent person doesn’t want them to have atomic dice to play with.” – Japanese Senator (3)

The technological issue of nuclear energy is intertwined with the exploitation of human labor in a hierarchy of interests, and how human labor is expended is an economic and moral issue. The Grand Scientific Project from the time of Francis Bacon up to the Manhattan Project of Oppenheimer and Fermi has been a dangerous gamble for humanity even though the advertised purpose is that progress is good.  ( more… )


Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter On The Police Beat In Japan…a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe!?

On28 July 2013 I introduced a book called ‘Tokyo Vice’. After some days I found this article by chance. To some extent, I am looking forward to watching this movie how Harry Potter will pray the American journalist, the author of ‘Tokyo Vice’. In this book Jake Adelstein wrote about the relationship between Yakuza and a religious cult, biggest cult of Japan, Soka Gakkai (SGI) which Crown Princess Masako of the Imperial House of Japan and her parents belong to.

tokyo vice

Daily Prophet Flash: DanRad gets Press Pass for Tokyo Vice; The Last Yakuza to be published in 2014


Radcliffe-san has been preparing to play the role of a newspaper journalist for over 10 years–more or less. To write for a newspaper, you have to read the newspaper. The Daily Prophet is one of the most respected in the industry; almost always first with the scoop and only occasionally very wrong.

text courtesy of William Clark 
May 1st, 2013

The text of the release is as follows:  commercial director Anthony Mandler will direct, based on a script by acclaimed playwright JT Rogers. Le Grisbi Productions’ John Lesher and Adam Kassan are producing. The film is eyeing a start date of first quarter 2014.

Radcliffe will play American reporter Jake Adelstein who, while working at the Yomiuri Shinbun newspaper in Tokyo, covered a beat that included murder, vice, and the yakuza. The film will be based on Adelstein’s memoir of the same name and focus on his encounters with yakuza boss Tadamasa Goto, also known as the “John Gotti of Japan”. Adelstein investigated the notorious gangster at great personal cost and sacrifice, braving death threats, before finally exposing Goto.

Adelstein, who will be working with Rogers on the script, is still an investigative reporter.   (….more)

extracted from : Japan Subculture Research Center

2. Documentary Film : Unsolved Case in a village of Fukushima wtih TEPCO’s matter

Here is the documentary film (1996) about the case of Mr. Naoyuki Kanno in Miyakoji village of Fukushima. Miyakoji village had been in the Fukushima evacuation zone after the Tohoku Earthquake 2011.

Director Fumiki Watanabe was trying to find out the truth of the death of Mr. Kanno by interviews with villagers even with a hidden camera and a recorder. This film has English subtitle but I am afraid, some parts are not clear to read. Some Japanese people don’t like this film as poor quality but I found many truths in it.

Director Fumiki Watanabe told (not in this film) the teacher, Miss Yumi Tanaka who found out Mr. Naoyuki Kanno dead, and who got an award and a house of TEPCO after this incident is most shady person. He tried to talk with her many times, but she never opened her secret to him.

It is known that Miss Yumi Tanaka was a bad girl during her education and seemed she had still connection with a kind of Yakuza, she was a still play girl when she was a teacher of the school.


Fukushima Mystery No.1- No.9 on YOUTUBE

Policemen of Miharu Police Station told these photos were taken on next day after Mr.Naoyuki Kanno’s death. But other doctors said by seeing them ‘this is impossible, He must had died few days before these photos were taken’. The coroner quit her job which she was engaged in for 34 years immediately after this incident. All policemen of Miharu Police Station were transferred to other police stations. ( from Fukushima Mystery No. 6, Youtube )

Story in Japanese   :      昭和天皇の生命維持装置が外されたころ、福島県のある村の原子力発電所で、チェルノブイリの事故に匹敵する惨事が起こりうるようなトラブルが発生してい た。原発の運転管理責任者はすぐに運転を停止するよう本社に掛け合ったが、「正月の真っ只中に東京に送る電気を止められるか」と逆に一喝され、JR上野駅 で抗議の投身自殺をした。彼の四散した遺体を収拾するところを目撃した同じ原発で働くナオユキという青年は、翌月の村長選挙の後、恋愛関係にあった村の美 人教師・ユミの家の汲み取り式便所のコンクリート便槽の中で、腐乱死体となって発見された。警察はいとも簡単にこの事件を覗き目的の事故死として処理し、 当のユミもナオユキとは面識がないと関係を否定する。納得のいかないナオユキの両親は地元警察の制止を振り切り、遺体を司法解剖に持ち込んだ。ナオユキの 遺体を検視した県警嘱託の監察医は事故死の結論を覆しはしなかったが、その直後に34年間の監察医としての職を突然、辞したのだった。ナオユキの父親から 事件について聞かされた渡辺文樹は、事件の関係者たちに次々と話を聞いていく。取材の過程で渡邊は、遺体発見の通報が警察に入るより以前に、2台のバ キュームカーの出動要請がなされていたことをつきとめた。ナオユキの死には村長選にからむ買収事件が深くかかわっており、警察を含めた地元の有力者たちに よって徹底した真相隠しが行われたらしい。依然として真実は闇の中であった。村では地元選出の大物国会議員と村長とが、巨大サッカー場を建設する代わりに 全国一のマンモス規模の原発を誘致しようとしていた。

Miyakoji village headman for 30 years

Recent Mr. Tadashiro Watanabe, who was a village headman of Miyakoji village of Fukushima for more than 30 years, of course in the year of 1989, too. You can see him on the documentary film ‘Fukushima Mystery’. Director fumiki Watanabe is using a hidden cameraa for the interview with him on the film. At that time, the village headman Tadashiro Watanabe was wearing glasses only in the beginning while talking with the director of this film. ( You can see real Tadashiro Watanabe on YOUTUBE in the end of ‘Fukushima Mystery8’ i.e. バリゾーゴンS8 (around 8:40 to the end) and shortly in the beginning of ‘Fukushima Mystery9’ i.e. バリゾーゴンS9)

village head1

Mr. Tadashiro Watanabe, who was a village headman of Miyakoji village of Fukushima (left on the screen of YOUTUBE). He is upset with the film director’s pursuit of the death of Naoyuki Kanno. He doesn’t recognize the hidden camera.  

1. Documentary Film : Unsolved Case in a village of Fukushima wtih TEPCO’s matter

On July 25 2013, I updated this incident together with TEPCO’s recent accident – ‘TEPCO confessed Fukushima Unit 3 Steaming Again! on 24 July 2013’

But now I would like to write some more things about the death in a village of Fukushima separately.

From the end of December 1988 to  January 4, 1989, Fukushima Daini Unit No.3 had alarmed three times but the responsible person, Mr.K did what TEPCO executives ordered – to ignore alarms but control pressure because there was examination of units on January 6. He was alone on this day for all other workers were on still new year holidays. This order was wrong, it caused an accident. The situation has becoming serious gradually. On January 4, 1989, there was a minor news Mr.K committed a suicide by jumping from the platform of Ueno Railway Station, Tokyo. Before he met other colleagues of TEPCO, he died. Colleagues were not informed K’s death for many weeks.

From Wikipedia – In January 1989, an impeller blade on one of the reactor coolant pumps in Unit 3 broke at a weld, causing a large amount of metal debris to flow throughout the primary loop. As a result, the reactor was shut down for a considerably long time.  Go and see Wikipedia about this incident.

Mr.K’s friend, Mr. Naoyuki Kanno lived in Miyakoji village of Fukushima. He was 26 years old and reliable person, a business manager of the company which support the work of the Nuclear Power Plants like TEPCO and other kind of energy plants of Japan. Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was missing on January 24, 1989 and found dead after four days, on 28th in a simple pit toilet of female school teacher’s dormitory. Police ended the case without legally-ordered autopsy just as an accident, that Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was trying to peep women. But his body was too small to enter and many situations were suspicious…



This is the pit toilet which Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was found dead inside of.

Illustrations how Mr.Sugano was found dead

People believe TEPCO killed Mr.K., Mr.K had no reason to die for he was just following the order of TEPCO executives. His friend Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was very nice person who was never such a molester. Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was investigating his friend’s death and he had a doubt  Mr.K’s might have been killed by TEPCO. Same as the case of Yasuko Watanabe who was an executive of TEPCO believed as a prostitute after her death, Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was believed just as a molester.

Today (July 26, 2013), I found out more information about death of Mr.Sugano through internet.

People believe that villagers who had connection with TEPCO killed Mr. Naoyuki Kanno. Few of many reasons are :

1.Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was a careful person for everything. But when he was found dead, his car was not locked. The key was in the car.

2. Miss Yumi Tanaka who found Mr. Naoyuki Kanno dead in the pit toilet was a fiancee of  son of the election campaign strategist of Mr. Tadashiro Watanabe, a village headman. Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was supporting him by his request but the young man found the election campaign’s corruption and he left the support. Miss Yumi Tanaka has gotten an award and a rich model house of TEPCO after this incident.

3. All policemen of Miharu Police Station of Miyakoji village were transferred to other Police Station because they destroyed the spot of the case.  In the same way, the coroner who saw the body of Mr. Naoyuki Kanno quit her job which she was engaged in 34 years after this case.

Details about deaths of Mr.K and his friend Mr.Naoyuki Kanno in Japanese

The news in the well-known magazine AERA,  July 4, 1989 edition ( page 24)  in Japanese