1. Documentary Film : Unsolved Case in a village of Fukushima wtih TEPCO’s matter

On July 25 2013, I updated this incident together with TEPCO’s recent accident – ‘TEPCO confessed Fukushima Unit 3 Steaming Again! on 24 July 2013’

But now I would like to write some more things about the death in a village of Fukushima separately.

From the end of December 1988 to  January 4, 1989, Fukushima Daini Unit No.3 had alarmed three times but the responsible person, Mr.K did what TEPCO executives ordered – to ignore alarms but control pressure because there was examination of units on January 6. He was alone on this day for all other workers were on still new year holidays. This order was wrong, it caused an accident. The situation has becoming serious gradually. On January 4, 1989, there was a minor news Mr.K committed a suicide by jumping from the platform of Ueno Railway Station, Tokyo. Before he met other colleagues of TEPCO, he died. Colleagues were not informed K’s death for many weeks.

From Wikipedia – In January 1989, an impeller blade on one of the reactor coolant pumps in Unit 3 broke at a weld, causing a large amount of metal debris to flow throughout the primary loop. As a result, the reactor was shut down for a considerably long time.  Go and see Wikipedia about this incident.

Mr.K’s friend, Mr. Naoyuki Kanno lived in Miyakoji village of Fukushima. He was 26 years old and reliable person, a business manager of the company which support the work of the Nuclear Power Plants like TEPCO and other kind of energy plants of Japan. Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was missing on January 24, 1989 and found dead after four days, on 28th in a simple pit toilet of female school teacher’s dormitory. Police ended the case without legally-ordered autopsy just as an accident, that Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was trying to peep women. But his body was too small to enter and many situations were suspicious…



This is the pit toilet which Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was found dead inside of.

Illustrations how Mr.Sugano was found dead

People believe TEPCO killed Mr.K., Mr.K had no reason to die for he was just following the order of TEPCO executives. His friend Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was very nice person who was never such a molester. Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was investigating his friend’s death and he had a doubt  Mr.K’s might have been killed by TEPCO. Same as the case of Yasuko Watanabe who was an executive of TEPCO believed as a prostitute after her death, Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was believed just as a molester.

Today (July 26, 2013), I found out more information about death of Mr.Sugano through internet.

People believe that villagers who had connection with TEPCO killed Mr. Naoyuki Kanno. Few of many reasons are :

1.Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was a careful person for everything. But when he was found dead, his car was not locked. The key was in the car.

2. Miss Yumi Tanaka who found Mr. Naoyuki Kanno dead in the pit toilet was a fiancee of  son of the election campaign strategist of Mr. Tadashiro Watanabe, a village headman. Mr. Naoyuki Kanno was supporting him by his request but the young man found the election campaign’s corruption and he left the support. Miss Yumi Tanaka has gotten an award and a rich model house of TEPCO after this incident.

3. All policemen of Miharu Police Station of Miyakoji village were transferred to other Police Station because they destroyed the spot of the case.  In the same way, the coroner who saw the body of Mr. Naoyuki Kanno quit her job which she was engaged in 34 years after this case.

Details about deaths of Mr.K and his friend Mr.Naoyuki Kanno in Japanese

The news in the well-known magazine AERA,  July 4, 1989 edition ( page 24)  in Japanese


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