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The End of Japan society Part 1, the secret list of customers for Lolicon Prostitution

This is the one of which many Japanese have started to have interests about top secrets of own country like Pepper Lunch Rape Case in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. Both incidents were quite big news but the stories were being played down after a short time in the press.. Those two incidents have not been reported by mass-media any more.  This Lolicon Prostitution Case  was uploaded on Wikipedia so many times and deleted repeatedly. I am afraid I could not find out English article in internet. Now you can read the article only in Japanese.

Akasaka Petit Angel (Child Prostitution) Case in Wikipedia プチエンジェル事件

In July 2003, four girls from 6th class of the elementary schools  were captivated in a mansion at Akasaka, Tokyo which belong to a big boss of politicians Mr. Ichiro OZAWA‘s fund-managing organization ‘Rikuzankai‘.


Does a politian’s fund-managing organization need such rooms for their work? (This is a room of the mansion ‘Prime Akasaka’ where the police took four girls into protective custody. Address is ‘Prime Akasaka’ 2-17 Akasaka, Minatoku, Tokyo. This is one of 8 mansions – Mr. Ozawa’s hidden property.

In the beginning of this news, TV channels reported the police found out the list of 2,000 customers for Lolicon Prostitution. They were many politicians, lawyers, doctors, and actors. Suddenly they stopped mentioning about the list. Meanwhile one man was found dead. His name is Kotaro YOSHIZATO. He was the culprit and he made a suicide as news said though the situation of his death showed a murder case. It is said politicians used yakuza to kill him.

After several weeks, Mr. Satoru SOMEYA (pen name was Kuragaki Kashiwabara), a freelance journalist who was researching the mystery of the Petit Angel Case (mainly about the list) was found dead at Tokyo Bay. Hid back was stabbed repeatedly. His body was sunk with spindles (total 22kg) in to the sea.

The list was in the hand of Mr. Iwao Uruma, Police Excecutive as everybody knows now. He was promoted soon, becoming Commissioner General of the National Police Agency (2004-2007) and later Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary (2008-2009).

It has spread that they were the members of the Petit Angel Club :

You can search the word プチエンジェル事件 with google in Japanese. (means Petit Angel Case) It hits  550,000 today. We cannot believe mass-media, the police, politicians in Japan any more.   c.f. Pepper Lunch Rape Case.

In this case, it seemed two died. One is the culprit, the owner of the Petit Angel Club, the other one was the freelance journalist.


Mr. Masahiko Ueno (on TV screen), who was previous Director General of Tokyo Medical Examiner’s Office says, 90% of suicides cases are murder cases in deed. 

When the police concludes a incident as a suicide, 90% will carry a postmortem examination in the West. In Japan only 8% of cases will be examined. Isn’t it crazy?! Japan is a developing country…


Olympic? TEPCO Executives live in foreign countries with their families secretly.

Very rich TEPCO’s Executives who had responsibilities at the time of 311 have not been punished legally and now they are living in foreign countries with their families secretly. Why? Is it so dangerous to live in Japan? We Japanese are very angry with such feckless fellows.

Here is the list of executives who have been living in other countries with their own families. Please kindly tell them to go back to Japan and take their responsibilities if you see them in your countries. It is not a problem only for Japan any more.

1. Tsunehisa KATSUMATA (previous chairman of TEPCO), living in a very rich mansion of DUBAI where even other DUBAI people would like to live in. (There is no data about where others (no.2-no.6) are living.)

Present Job : Japan Atomic Power Company、Outside Director


Mr. Katsumata

2. Masataka SHIMIZU (previous president of TEPCO)

Present job : the affiliated company of TEPCO ‘Fuji Oil Company Ltd.‘, Outside Director



3. Suguru (or Yu) TAKEI (previous vice-president of TEPCO) / Present Job :  the affiliated company of TEPCO Arabian Oil Company Ltd., Outside Auditor


Mr.Takei from

4.Fumiaki MIYAMOTO (previous managing director of TEPCO) / Present Job :  the affiliated company of TEPCO ‘Nippon Field Engineering‘, President

5.Shigeru KIMURA (previous director of TEPCO) / Present Job : the affiliated company of TEPCO, Vice-President



6.Makio FUJIWARA (previoussuperintendent of TEPCO) / Present Job :  the affiliated company of TEPCO ‘Kandenko Company, Limited.‘, Outside Auditor

I am still translating some more Information, It will be updated. I am afraid that I cannot find out two peoples’ photos…

 ・ 勝俣恒久会長  (現在、家族と共に海外在住)
・ 清水正孝社長  (現在、家族と共に海外在住)
・ 武井優副社長  (現在、家族と共に海外在住)
・ 宮本史昭常務  (現在、家族と共に海外在住)
・ 木村滋取締役  (現在、家族と共に海外在住)
・ 藤原万喜夫監査役  (現在、家族と共に海外在住)
Japanese Article about TEPCO’s cunning activities

Olympic? – Japan Doctors tell us, “We know our patients have radiation illness” but forced to keep it secret

From ENENEWS (see more… on its site…)

Thousands in Japan reported to be suffering massive and recurring nosebleeds in recent days — Gundersen: Japan doctors tell us, “We know our patients have radiation illness” but forced to keep it secret

Fairewinds Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen, Oct. 1, 2013 (At 5:10 in): The problem right now is that Japanese researchers are afraid to tell the truth. We’ve got doctors calling us at Fairewinds saying, “We know our patients have radiation illness and the hospital isn’t allowing us to tell the patients that.” […] So the last piece of this is transparency. And frankly if you leave it to the Japanese government we’re never going to get transparency. We’ve got get the people involved with an oversight panel made up of civilians who have nothing to gain, or nothing to lose from telling the truth.


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