The End of Japan society Part 2, why ‘Pepper Lunch Assaults’ ve been covered up

PEPPER LUNCH ASSAULT is one of horror hidden incidents of Japan especially for women in OSAKA. Because the mass-media and the Police have kept quiet , many people did not know it but now it is openly discussed about it on internet. ‘They’ cannot control angry nation any more. If you search the word ‘ペッパーランチ事件’ (means ‘Pepper Lunch Case’) in Japanese with google, it hits  225,000 today.

PEPPER LUNCH is a fast-steak franchise restaurant, Pepper Lunch on wikipedia in Japanese have the article about its scandal ‘Pepper Lunch Assault’ but not in English version. There are over 200 restaurants in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Macau, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and USA.

YOMIURI newspaper reports (Japanese) : ‘that a the manager and another worker at a Pepper Lunch in Shinsaibashi, OSAKA assaulted a female customer last week and stole her money. Closing the shutters just after midnight, the manager produced a stun gun and told the woman in her twenties not to move or he would kill her. They drugged her with sleeping pills, took her away, bound her and, when they had raped her, stole 55,000 yen (about 550 US Dollars). She was left bound in a garage but managed to free herself and find help. The police have arrested the men and the restaurant has been closed. There were no other customers at the time of the assault.’ – 16 May 2007

This happened on 9 May 2007. But the news was reported by leak only around 2 PM on 16 May 2007. This was not a mere assault case, but HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Culprits used condoms, the place were scattered with many condoms . Many car licenses, ATM cards from women, lingerie were found out in the shop ‘PEPPER LUNCH Shinsaibashi, Osaka. It seemed they had captivated many women before, and they were never found again. 

On the same day, 16 May 2007, at 8:29 PM,  the perpetrator’s confession was so bad that there was a issue to mass-media not to report anything about this case. It was informed by a journalist to his friend. From that time, there was very less news about it, of course, no details. Strange enough, national channel of Japan ‘NHK’ did not report at all from the beginning.

And within two days, the police cleaned up the restaurant and the garage, all evidence was destroyed.


This was a news about Pepper Lunch Case on TV, it says they are sentenced to 12 years penal servitude only.


Principal (above) Daisuke KITAYAMA and accessory (below) Masanobu MIYAKE who is the member of the famous cult ‘Soka Gakkai‘ (SGI), both of them were 25 years old. But strangely the press used only their photos at the age of 14 – 15 years old.  There were two more accessories and the police never give any information in public though they had their photos and knew their names. Those two have not been arrested. Additionally two more victims were captivated at the same time with the lady on the news, those two ladies were never found again as culprit’s  neighboring acquaintance confessed in public.

As soon as the press reported, these six Pepper Lunch branches below closed shops which were very far from the OSAKA branch. They must have committed same crimes.

1.  Kitasenju branch, TOKYO

2. Shimokitazawa branch, TOKYO

3.Chitosekarasuyama branch, TOKYO

4.Shibuya-Meijidorizoi branch, TOKYO

5.Fukuoka-nishijin branch, FUKUOKA

6.Fukuoka-Tenjinchikagai branch, FUKUOKA

Other Pepper Lunch restaurants are still running. Young people, students are still going without knowing the past crime of Pepper Lunch. People wonder how they can keep restaurants after they had committed such a big crime.

Discussion about the Pepper Lunch Assaults on TV (Japan)   :  Yoko Tajima wonders why the rape at Pepper Lunch story has received relatively little coverage. It did receive TV coverage when it initially came to light but she claims that most newspaper articles were fairly small affairs tucked away inside. Tajima wonders whether it has to do with the fact that the president has political connections. One of her comments, based on rumours from 2ch, is given a lengthy edit during the broadcast. Interestingly, one of the presenters notes that when Japanese first started going abroad, there were always warnings about these kinds of crimes overseas and yet now Japan seems to have its own fair share.


Ms.Yoko Tajima on well-known TV program ‘Takajin Iinkai

Details about Pepper Lunch Assault in Japanese 

I may add more information later.


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