The Open Secret of JAL123 – a historical national crime 1

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JAL123 Boeing JA8119 in the old days (photo above)

Do you know, or do you remember the accident of  JAL  Flight 123 in 1985 (12 August)?  It is the deadliest single-aircraft accident in history, and the second-deadliest accidental plane crash in history behind the Tenerife airport disaster. (more……. in wikipedia)  Only four Japanese (female) survived as it tells.  The public reports of the accident of JAL123 are full of lies obviously. For example, a survivor, Ms. Yumi OCHIAI, a crew of JAL123 testified there was no decompression. The photo below from JAL123’s passenger and JAL123’s voice recorder proved it. Pilots cannot speak like that voice recorder of JAL123 shows if there was decompression. If we search the word ‘JALl123’ with google, it hits 216,000 today. People are very interested in this accident, now nobody believe what we can read the report in wikipedia.


The famous photo which was taken by a passenger of JAL123. The photographer died. You cannot see decompression. If it happens, things would fly and jump in the air.


The survivor, Ms.Yumi OCHIAI (落合由美), a crew of JAL123 who was a passenger on the day says ‘there was no decompression. ‘  It can be also proved by the fact that many passengers wrote their last words.

Everybody believed that this was just a tragic accident but now many Japanese think it might have been a political plot with countless proofs and doubts from photos, witness etc.

map      passengers

Mr.Kunio SASOU (佐宗邦皇)who was a elite employee of JAL researched about the accident  of JAL Flight 123 for long years, insisted that it was a political plot with the matter of PLAZA ACCORD (September 1985)  with USA in his lecture on 7 August, 2009. Next day, on 8 August 2009, when he was at his lecture in Tokyo, as soon as he drunk green tea ( from a plastic bottle ‘oooi ocha’/photo below), he fell down.  An participant picked up the green tea bottle immediately, but several men tried to snatch it with fierce looks (they can be public safety commissioners as peopole say). Mr.SASOU was hospitalized and he passed away at 11 a.m. on 9 August 2009.

sasou oooiocha

The late Mr. Kunio SASOU’s last lecture on 7 August 2009 (it was about the truth of JAL 123) can be watched on YOUTUBE. Next day, he was poisoned. He says in the lecture ‘US threatened by weapon in the matter of PLAZA ACCORD, it was Neutron bomb (missile) which shot the JAL123.’ Actually many people saw a mushroom cloud in the sky at the time.


On TV news, at the beginning, they reported : ‘several members of the Self Defense Forces were shot dead by higher officer. Instead of rescue of  JAL 123, first of all, they must carry nuclear contaminated materials to Osaka.’  Then soon, there was an announcement  on same TV news; ‘the last information was wrong’…… it’s easy to understand stupid people like them. Mass-media was controlled by the Government made people and rescue parties confused by reporting wrong spot of the accident.

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The Open secret of JAL123 – a historical national crime 2

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(1933 – 1997) A Japanese film director. The movies he directed, all of which he wrote himself, are comic satires.

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    • JUZO ITAMI says :

      Mr.Sasou who was killed with poison had explained about this matter – Bin-Laden, 911 in his lectures in 2004, too.

      There are many criticism against commentators, bloggers who insisted about the truth of JAL123. But there was no criticism toward Mr.Sasou. He was educated, very smart, and modest. His analysis was always excellent.

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