The Open Secret of JAL123 – a historical national crime 2

Updated 11 November 2013

 ‘The Open Secret of JAL123 – a historical national crime 1’ Please check the last post, if you are a new reader.

Newspapers (Asahi, Nikkei etc.) reported ‘7 or 8 people’ were survived from JAL123 with a photo of a boy!!! But later they reported only 4 female Japanese were found out alive. There have been no news about other survivors up to today.


Nikkei evening newspaper (above) reports they found out 7 survivors (生存者7人発見) on the top page. (published on 13 August 1985)


This is a famous photo (black and white) from the accident JAL 123. It’s a boy obviously, you can see he is okay. look at his arm. The arm is showing he is still alive. But later nobody could see him any more. The boy from other colored photo is the late Ken Miyajima (9 years old) who was a passenger of JAL123, it was taken one month before the case of JAL123. The boy from the black and white photo seems to be him only.

There are also several witness who were villagers nearby. They heard the voices about 40 or 50 people at the spot of the accident 4 a.m., 13 August 2009. After one hour the vices stopped completely. They saw a girl who was completely fine and running around, she was not willing to ride on a stretcher so. Members of the Self Defense Forces reported : a boy who was around 7 or 8 years old was running around, witness says it must be Ken MIYAJIMA. Witness also saw a man who lost only one finger and quite fine. Where is the man? The press says survivors have been only 4 female Japanese forever… probably those who were fine had to die because they observed all secret activities during the night.


It is said around 200 people were alive but they were killed. Some dead bodies seemed be burned twice as specialists say. One of them was Dr.Tsutomu Okuni, a dentist, vice-president of the Police Medical Association, Gunma. He says ‘trees nearby were not burned at all, but I wonder why those bodies are scorched black’.  Many years later few people found out a strange bottle at the place of the accident (photo below). They took it to home. As soon as they opened it, they felt so sick and they were confined to their beds for several days.


The bottle which is believed that they used killed all other survivors of JAL 123. (Many tells it was VX gas.)

As a volunteer fire brigade says there were no sign that doctors, nurses were sent to the spot of the accident, he had a impression from their behavior that they’d known there was no survivors. Even the press found out survivors and tried to help. If there were no press people, there must have been no survivors from JAL 123 accident as many people say.

Villagers saw two helicopters at the night of 12 August 1985, but the Self Defense Force arrived at the spot only in the morning of 13 August, 14 hours after the accident. A survivor, a flight attendant of JAL123, Ms. Yumi OCHIAI says she heard the people’s voices and sound of helicopter, too, at the midnight. When she woke up, she was in the hospital. Another survivor, Keiko Kawakami also heard many people’s voices and she saw torch lights during the night but nobody helped them. Then she lost consciousness.

Later two pilots of  the Air Self Defense Force commit suicides. Nobody believes it, look at the photo of them (a). They are too high in the air for committing suicides, without any foothold. It is said the reason of their suicides were those two were homo-sexual…who believes? They did not perform autopsies on them as usual in Japan (please read ‘The End of Japan society Part1’) . Strange enough, many doubtful suicides continued endlessly since then. More than 90 members of  the Self Defense Forces committed suicides in 1986. They had never reported the number of suicides of members of the Self Defense Forces before. But they insisted they’d started to record the number of suicide since 1981 and the number increased since 1982 though nobody heard about it before.  Why did they have to tell a thinly veiled lie?


Photo (b) looks like a part of the tail assembly of the JAL. You can see the symbol of JAL, a red crane. It is said 70% of the tail assembly  of JAL123 has not been found out.  Those two photos were handed over to colleague(s) by a member of the Air Self Defense Force and he died after two months, it was a suicide as they reported.

Who ordered to kill them all of JAL123? Mr. Sasou, previous elite employee of JAL said ‘it must be the then Prime Minister Yasuhiro NAKASONE,  in his lecture just one day before Mr.Sasou was poisoned. We will never forgive Nakasone, who killed innocent people, own Japanese people, involving foreigners from West Germany, Italy, USA, UK, Hong Kong, India (three Indians), South Korea (I could find out them only from the list of passengers, few of them seemed to be Asians but the nationalities are not written).

There were some other possible reasons, one of them was : four people who had economic power in Japan, who were against PLAZA ACCORD were in JAL 123. Of course, they all died, one of four was the late Mr.Ikuo URAKAMI (浦上郁夫)the then president of HOUSE FOODS CORPORATION. Another person was the late Mr.Hajimu Nakano (中埜 肇), the then president of Hanshin Tigers (a Nippon Professional Baseball team) and also the then Executive Vice President of Hanshin Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.



This is a documentary TV program after 15 years of the accident JAL 123. Please watch this video on YOUTUBE from about 40:20. This part is in English from the president of Celeris Aerospace Canada Inc., Mr. Stephen Hall who analysed the Flight Recorder of JAL 123 has a different view about its accident now.

In general a Flight Recorder will not be opened to the public, but after 15 years, they opened JAL123’s Flight Recorder to react people’s doubts and criticism in the year of 2000, of course for a cover-up. It failed. Specialists found out they deleted the record partially and altered it. For example, there was a quite strange, unnatural conversation between flight attendant and a pilot.  After they analysed it, that cannot be conversation, it was just joined together by an alteration. The original Flight Recorder of JAL123 was destroyed by JAL. Anyhow one thing was very sure that the Flight Recorder of JAL123, there was NO DECOMPRESSION.

Do you believe this blog can exist?  I am not sure. If I know I wrote something wrong, I will edit, if possible.

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(1933 – 1997) A Japanese film director. The movies he directed, all of which he wrote himself, are comic satires.

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  1. flyingcuttlefish says :

    Yes, that is the important question … who was on the plane that they wanted to kill? It probably was the Plaza Accord. Japan holds huge amounts of US treasury bills today which plays (I think) into the US silence on Fukushima.
    Kevin Blanch (anti-nuke super activist) says fears for California real estate bubble bursting is keeping media silent on Fukushima to California radiation drift. In his recent video –

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