Crown Princess Masako – A Parasite the Taxpayer’s money!

There was news on 26 March 2013: when Crown Prince and Princess Masako and Aiko Shinnou (her daughter) were at Tokyo railway station just before 11 AM for going skiing, a man around 60 shouted at Princess Masako ‘Malingerer! Lazy fellow! A PARASITE THE TAXPAYER’S MONEY! Leave the Imperial House!!’ (‘皇太子ご一家に東京駅で男性が罵声浴びせる’ – search the article in Japanese by copy and paste.)

The scene was thrown into a commotion for the moment and the police quelled the man. He was released immediately. His words expressed that are representative of many Japanese. They supported the man on websites like Twitter and blogs.

‘Princess Masako cannot attend any duties because she is sick but she can ride a horse for five hours continuously.’ (this was a true story)

Crown Princess Masako has been criticized for long years because though she has refused so many public duties she often had seen at leisure facilities, high class restaurants and high class department stores by sending away the people who had been there before. Other Imperial families do not such actions in public. Additionally Princess Masako’s family, OWADA people (Masako’s twin sisters and parents) are often seen together on Princess Masako’s expensive tours. It means money is used by them, too. This is always pointed out.


Some years ago, finally The Emperor and Empress of JAPAN who had always patience sent an unprecedented message in public to Crown Princess Masako and brain-washed Crown Prince Naruhito who were just spending holidays in the Netherlands (see YOUTUBE above).

The main message from The Emperor and Empress was ‘We have visited overseas only for official duties but never gone for reason of private matter. It may sound a criticism but it is not. We would like to let both of you recognize the importance of DUTIES’

You many not believe articles from this blog site, then you can search the same matters in Japanese with Google search etc. I give a few related words below about these things. You can copy and past, check how many people, how many websites are writing same matters in Japanese. Nobody can deny the fact.

1.雅子 創価 – meaning : Masako (Princess Masako), Soka Gakkai (the cult SGI)   ‘創価’ and ‘創価学会’ is the same.

2.大和田 恒 雅子 創価 カルト– meaning : Hisashi Owada (Masako’s own father), Masako, Soka Gakkai (the cult SGI), the cult (sect)

3.雅子 税金泥棒  – meaning : Masako (Princess Masako), A parasite taxpayer’s money


Magazine Shincho45 (May 2013) ‘s main topic was ‘Crown Prince, it’s better to abdicate’ (above)

Especially in 2013 people cannot keep quiet any more, several popular magazines give articles about brain-washed Prince Naruhito and Prince Masako. They show opinions of prominent people and nations to Crown Prince Naruhito to divorce, or abdicate from the title of the Imperial House. Actually in the present rule, the abdication of the Crown Prince is not allowed so they insist ‘DIVORCE from Princess Masako’.

1. Related blog in Japanese from Madam Dewi Sukarno (Japanese wife of the late President of the Indonesia, Sukarno )

2. Many magazines in 2013 give articles about the matter of Prince Naruhito’s abdication and divorce.


Here is the extra article (above) from the past, Princess Masako’s father Mr. Hisashi OWADA who was the director of the Foreign Minister supported the leader of the cult Soka Gakkai (SGI), Mr.Daisaku Ikeda for overseas trips with the money of Government. One of those application letters for the trips to Mr. OWADA (in his name) from SGI was revealed in public and the matter was discussed in the Parliament, the whole record can be seen on the government website even now.


Because our law doesn’t allow the connection between politics and religious organization. Such a criminal cult which killed many people is still treated as a religious organization, though Government of France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Chile etc. identified Soka Gakkai (SGI) as a CULT officially. In our country, people believe that Soka Gakkai (SGI) is more dangerous than Aum Shinrikyo (Aum sect) which caused a terrorism, the poison sarin attacks in several places in Japan, around 1995. (see wiki)

Have you recognized that our Youtube videos don’t show on our site any more? This kind of disturbance will happen only when we write truths. I am happy with that I could show the evidence on our blog. To my surprise, since last week static shows that watchers are mainly from JAPAN and they read mostly Princess Masako’s articles. Then videos cannot be watched any more. SGI and its member Mr.OWADA (previous the director of the Foreign Ministry) has such power in society. It is well-known the press of JAPAN has been dominated by the cult Soka Gakkai (SGI) for long years because SGI is main customer for printing and advertisement. SGI is so rich that they can have own printing company but they don’t do because of that purpose, the controlling mass-media. It is a horror fact of Japan.

Discussion about the dominance of mass-media by the cult Soka Gakkai (SGI) on TV – 創価のメディア支配 (Youtube below)




(1933 – 1997) A Japanese film director. The movies he directed, all of which he wrote himself, are comic satires.

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    What a crazy group! Japan version of scient0l0gy …

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    Shinzo Abe Sweet Buns You Can Purchase at Yasukuni Shrine

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