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JAPAN Emperor and Empress visited the bereaved families of MINAMATA Disease victims

Updated 11 November 2013


Crown Princess Masako and her grandfather the late Mr. Yutaka EGASHIRA, ex-president of  CHISSO Corp.which caused MINAMTA DISEASE.

On 27 October 2013, Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress  visited Minimata city and offered flowers to the cenotaph for MINAMTA DISEASE victims. They visited MMINAMATA Memorial, MINAMATA Desease Municipal Museum and talked with the bereaved families of victims for the first time.

The news in English

When I knew this news, I had a question why Princess Masako doesn’t go there?

It is well-known that  Crown Princess Masako’s grandfather was the president of CHISSO Corp. which caused MINSMATA DISEASE. His name is Yutaka EGASHIRA, he lived with MASAKO’s family.

It is well-known that Mr.EGASHIRA was so arrogant and wicked. He sent victims’ families and the press away with YAKUZA. He never apologized victims and their families.

Mr.Egashira said in public, on TV etc. ‘What cheek! What a thing for COMMONERS to say to us! The poor ate rotten fishes and became ill!’ (this is very famous phrases from Egashira)

Mr.Egashira shouted ‘Shut up, poor fellows!’ to the victims who were  stockholders at a general meeting of shareholders.


A photo-journalist Eugene Smith (photo above) was beaten up by YAKUZA who were employed by EGASHIRA. It caused Eugene’s death.  Later his wife and daughter were raped by them. This is the article from ‘The Telegraph‘ site.

1971 In Japan, W. Eugene Smith is badly beaten by employees of the Chisso Corporation, whose systematic dumping of mercury into Minamata Bay had poisoned the local people who ate its fish. ‘They snatched the cameras, then hit me in the stomach. Then they dragged me out and slammed my head on the concrete.’ He survives, but with limited vision in one eye.  from  ‘The Telegraph – Magnum: snapshots of history’

This is why previous Emperor, Showa Tennou was strongly against the  Crown Prince Naruhito’s marriage with MASAKO OWADA (present Crown Prince Masako). As soon as Showa Tennou passed away, the cult SGI (Soka Gakkai) and Owada family worked hard to send MASAKO to the Imperial House, for example,  by spreading rumors about other Princess candidates (Toyota Company’s daughter etc.).

Her behavior towards to this matter of MINAMATA DISEASE is too careless. It is not a proper action for her position, as Crown Princess at all. She just said ‘people are talking bad about my grandpa‘.  She attended the funeral of EGASHIRA in 2006 (Youtube below) but she did not attend the funeral of Empress Kojun in 2000. This matter caused a great criticism in Japan.

Crown Prince’s brother, Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko visited MINAMATA memorial (水俣メモリアル) long time ago. (TV screens below) They always perform official duties like the Emperor Akihito and the Empress Michiko.

minamata memorial

prince akishino kiko

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Article about Princess Masako and Minamata Chisso, please look photos.


Mr. Yutaka Egashira, Crown Princess Masako’s grandfather was the president of CHISSO Corporation, which caused MINAMATA Disease.

It is said Princess Masako’s father Hisashi Owada is of North Korea decent. These were kept as secrets for Crown Prince Naruhito’s marriage with her. Among the candidates of his bride, only Masako Owada’s family did not submit her family pedigree. Since Owada family and SGI planned so intelligent way that Owada people including executives of Government Japan who are SGI members insisted not to investigate her birth and parentage for racial discrimination. Innocent Royal family was deceived by them.

Princess Masako’s father, Hisashi Owada arranged travels to foreign countries several times for SGI’s leader, Daisaku Ikeda with the governmental expense. The Hisashi Owada’s actions were illegal in Japan and this matter was put a question during the National Congress No.134. on 27th November, 1995. The whole record of the congress is shown in official website of Government.


First of all, in the beginning, Masako Owada was not selected as a bride. Showa tennou, the previous Emperor of Japan was opposed to the marriage of Crown Prince Naruhito with Masako Owada among several other candidates. The only reason was : Mr. Yutaka Egashira, Crown Princess Masako’s grandfather was the president of CHISSO Corporation, which caused CHISSO MINAMATA Disease.  Even in public, Mr. Egashira reacted in so vicious ways that he used even Japanese mafia to let people to keep quiet. The world famous photographer, Eugene Smith died due to their violence. You can see this incident in Wikipedia’s page of ‘Eugene Smith’.

Minamata Disease Victim, Eugene Smith

Minamata Disease Victim – Mother & Daughter

MInamata by E. Smith

After Showa Tennou passed away, Owada people started to their plot and succeeded. Owada & SGI attempted to give an impression that only Imperial Family insisted Masako Owada must wed with Crown Prince Naruhito.

It is said SGI’s present leader, Daisake Ikeda is of  Korea decent, too. He declared his aim is to make Japan as a country of SGI. He has been succeeding 50% already, it seems.

‘We have recently updated our open-access poweroint presentation on the public health and social justice website covering the history of Minamata Disease (methylmercury poisoning) and illustrated with poignant photography of W Eugene Smith. For decades the Chisso Corporation dumped methylmercury into Minamata Bay Japan, resulting in high levels of mercury in fish caught by bay’s residents, leading to miscarriages, congenital Minamata disease, and adult Minamata Disease. The slide show discusses the toxic effects of mercury on human health, the legal history of events at Minamata, and the conflicts faced by those who worked at Chisso (including many who had affected family members and the company’s chief physician/researcher). The slide show also includes some of W Eugene Smith’s famous photographs from the Country Doctor and Nurse Midwife series, as well as some of his well-known war photographs. The presentation is open-access, and can therefore be used with trainees and health professionals interested in seeing and learning more about the consequences of mercury exposure and the need for strong public health measures to reduce exposures.’