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Ask Princess Masako why she enjoyed skiing and ignored most important historical Shinto’s event in March 2014

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited Ise Shrine for the most important historical event of Shinto on 26 March, 2014. This was quite big news.

Imperial Couple visit Ise Shrine


Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited Ise Shrine in Mie Prefecture on Wednesday, following the ceremony last October to transfer the shrine deity to a new building. 

During their visit to the shrine, the Imperial jewel and sword, two of the family’s three sacred treasures, were moved out of Tokyo’s Imperial Palace for the first time since they made a similar trip 20 years ago. The other treasure, a mirror, is always kept at Ise Shrine.

In the morning, the Emperor and Empress entered the shrine’s Geku compound, which is dedicated to Toyouke Omikami, the god responsible for food, clothing and shelter.

The couple planned to visit the Naiku compound, which enshrines Amaterasu Omikami, worshipped as the ancestral deity of the Imperial family, in the afternoon.

Before World War II,  emperors brought the sacred treasures with them when they stayed outside the Imperial Palace  for at least one night.

The custom ended after the war in light of the Constitutional principle of separating government and religion as well as security concerns. 

(JAPAN TIMES, 26 March 2014)


Three sacred treasures of Shinto on 25th March 2014 when Emperor and Empress travels to Ise from Tokyo by the train  – look at black boxes on video!


All Japanese were interested in this historical event to shift three sacred treasures of Shinto. Even atheists who are many in Japan were attracted by this rare happening.

To our big surprise and upset, during the Emperor Akihito and the Empress Michiko attending such an important ritual of Shinto, their son, Prince Naruhito and Princess Masako were skiing with their daughter Aiko in a resort, Nagano prefecture. Japanese nations could not believe their behavior, for they are successors to those thrones. Anyhow it is a well-known fact that Princess Masako is a member of criminal Buddhist cult SGI (Soka Gakkai), the biggest cult of Japan which teaches their members not to accept any other religion and even any other Buddhist sects. There is a rule that they must burn other religious books if they get. Up to now Princess Masako has never attended any Shinto’s traditional ceremony which all other the Imperial families have been attending. You cannot find out any lastest or past news that she was in Shinto’s shrine. If anybody finds out, please show us. You will never find out even one news of the past.

All Japanese know that she does not like duties but loves leisure, especially to travel Europe countries. If media of other countries, any king or queen, prince or princess of other countries have a chance to contact her, please ask Princess Masako why she has never been attending Shinto’s ceremony, never enter shrines. The Imperial Household of Japan cannot exist without Shinto as you can know our history of Japan.

We can tell the answer in advance : a cult SGI’s member is never allowed to enter shrines, churches etc.
Crown Prince Family Visit Nagano ( the photo : at the time of departure to Nagano on 24th March 2014)

Crown Prince Family Visit Nagano : News Photo JPN: Emperor Akihito Visits Ise Shrine ( the photo : on 26th March 2014)

Emperor Akihito Visits Ise Shrine : News Photo

Well, this horror cult organization is still keeping the secret that Daisaku Ikeda, the criminal leader of SGI had passed away a few years ago. Nobody has seen him in public since many years but publishing ‘his words’ in their magazines by using ghostwriters. It’s well-known that Daisaku Ikeda had always ghostwriters, Mr.Ysuji Kirimura 桐村泰次 , Mr. Takashi Harashima 原島嵩 for books in his name.

Please ask them to let you meet their great leader Daisaku Ikeda, in general they will be happy if you are very important persons of the world or media. Let’s test them in this way! They will lose their peace immediately. But never go alone, they may kill you like cases of Juzo Itami, and many other people. Do not forget they are more than Aum Shinrikyo who killed innocent people in public with sarin gas in Tokyo and other places around 1995. Do not believe them, Japanese cults are such crazy and dangerous people. Their aim is to control whole Japan and some other countries, like Korea, India, China and USA. Do not allow them to establish any institutions like they have already in USA (Soka University) and India (medical college in Chennai) etc.

 We must show this video, too. which we introduced was deleted but the same one is here again. (check the video from the post ‘ Crown Princess Masako – A Parasite the Taxpayer’s money!’)

  ‘SGI (Soka Gakkai) controls media’  Please ask your Japanese friends what they are discussing in this TV program. They will explain happily. Because all of us see SGI as a dangerous cult.




Crown Princess Masako – A Parasite the Taxpayer’s money!

There was news on 26 March 2013: when Crown Prince and Princess Masako and Aiko Shinnou (her daughter) were at Tokyo railway station just before 11 AM for going skiing, a man around 60 shouted at Princess Masako ‘Malingerer! Lazy fellow! A PARASITE THE TAXPAYER’S MONEY! Leave the Imperial House!!’ (‘皇太子ご一家に東京駅で男性が罵声浴びせる’ – search the article in Japanese by copy and paste.)

The scene was thrown into a commotion for the moment and the police quelled the man. He was released immediately. His words expressed that are representative of many Japanese. They supported the man on websites like Twitter and blogs.

‘Princess Masako cannot attend any duties because she is sick but she can ride a horse for five hours continuously.’ (this was a true story)

Crown Princess Masako has been criticized for long years because though she has refused so many public duties she often had seen at leisure facilities, high class restaurants and high class department stores by sending away the people who had been there before. Other Imperial families do not such actions in public. Additionally Princess Masako’s family, OWADA people (Masako’s twin sisters and parents) are often seen together on Princess Masako’s expensive tours. It means money is used by them, too. This is always pointed out.


Some years ago, finally The Emperor and Empress of JAPAN who had always patience sent an unprecedented message in public to Crown Princess Masako and brain-washed Crown Prince Naruhito who were just spending holidays in the Netherlands (see YOUTUBE above).

The main message from The Emperor and Empress was ‘We have visited overseas only for official duties but never gone for reason of private matter. It may sound a criticism but it is not. We would like to let both of you recognize the importance of DUTIES’

You many not believe articles from this blog site, then you can search the same matters in Japanese with Google search etc. I give a few related words below about these things. You can copy and past, check how many people, how many websites are writing same matters in Japanese. Nobody can deny the fact.

1.雅子 創価 – meaning : Masako (Princess Masako), Soka Gakkai (the cult SGI)   ‘創価’ and ‘創価学会’ is the same.

2.大和田 恒 雅子 創価 カルト– meaning : Hisashi Owada (Masako’s own father), Masako, Soka Gakkai (the cult SGI), the cult (sect)

3.雅子 税金泥棒  – meaning : Masako (Princess Masako), A parasite taxpayer’s money


Magazine Shincho45 (May 2013) ‘s main topic was ‘Crown Prince, it’s better to abdicate’ (above)

Especially in 2013 people cannot keep quiet any more, several popular magazines give articles about brain-washed Prince Naruhito and Prince Masako. They show opinions of prominent people and nations to Crown Prince Naruhito to divorce, or abdicate from the title of the Imperial House. Actually in the present rule, the abdication of the Crown Prince is not allowed so they insist ‘DIVORCE from Princess Masako’.

1. Related blog in Japanese from Madam Dewi Sukarno (Japanese wife of the late President of the Indonesia, Sukarno )

2. Many magazines in 2013 give articles about the matter of Prince Naruhito’s abdication and divorce.


Here is the extra article (above) from the past, Princess Masako’s father Mr. Hisashi OWADA who was the director of the Foreign Minister supported the leader of the cult Soka Gakkai (SGI), Mr.Daisaku Ikeda for overseas trips with the money of Government. One of those application letters for the trips to Mr. OWADA (in his name) from SGI was revealed in public and the matter was discussed in the Parliament, the whole record can be seen on the government website even now.


Because our law doesn’t allow the connection between politics and religious organization. Such a criminal cult which killed many people is still treated as a religious organization, though Government of France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Chile etc. identified Soka Gakkai (SGI) as a CULT officially. In our country, people believe that Soka Gakkai (SGI) is more dangerous than Aum Shinrikyo (Aum sect) which caused a terrorism, the poison sarin attacks in several places in Japan, around 1995. (see wiki)

Have you recognized that our Youtube videos don’t show on our site any more? This kind of disturbance will happen only when we write truths. I am happy with that I could show the evidence on our blog. To my surprise, since last week static shows that watchers are mainly from JAPAN and they read mostly Princess Masako’s articles. Then videos cannot be watched any more. SGI and its member Mr.OWADA (previous the director of the Foreign Ministry) has such power in society. It is well-known the press of JAPAN has been dominated by the cult Soka Gakkai (SGI) for long years because SGI is main customer for printing and advertisement. SGI is so rich that they can have own printing company but they don’t do because of that purpose, the controlling mass-media. It is a horror fact of Japan.

Discussion about the dominance of mass-media by the cult Soka Gakkai (SGI) on TV – 創価のメディア支配 (Youtube below)


JAPAN Emperor and Empress visited the bereaved families of MINAMATA Disease victims

Updated 11 November 2013


Crown Princess Masako and her grandfather the late Mr. Yutaka EGASHIRA, ex-president of  CHISSO Corp.which caused MINAMTA DISEASE.

On 27 October 2013, Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress  visited Minimata city and offered flowers to the cenotaph for MINAMTA DISEASE victims. They visited MMINAMATA Memorial, MINAMATA Desease Municipal Museum and talked with the bereaved families of victims for the first time.

The news in English

When I knew this news, I had a question why Princess Masako doesn’t go there?

It is well-known that  Crown Princess Masako’s grandfather was the president of CHISSO Corp. which caused MINSMATA DISEASE. His name is Yutaka EGASHIRA, he lived with MASAKO’s family.

It is well-known that Mr.EGASHIRA was so arrogant and wicked. He sent victims’ families and the press away with YAKUZA. He never apologized victims and their families.

Mr.Egashira said in public, on TV etc. ‘What cheek! What a thing for COMMONERS to say to us! The poor ate rotten fishes and became ill!’ (this is very famous phrases from Egashira)

Mr.Egashira shouted ‘Shut up, poor fellows!’ to the victims who were  stockholders at a general meeting of shareholders.


A photo-journalist Eugene Smith (photo above) was beaten up by YAKUZA who were employed by EGASHIRA. It caused Eugene’s death.  Later his wife and daughter were raped by them. This is the article from ‘The Telegraph‘ site.

1971 In Japan, W. Eugene Smith is badly beaten by employees of the Chisso Corporation, whose systematic dumping of mercury into Minamata Bay had poisoned the local people who ate its fish. ‘They snatched the cameras, then hit me in the stomach. Then they dragged me out and slammed my head on the concrete.’ He survives, but with limited vision in one eye.  from  ‘The Telegraph – Magnum: snapshots of history’

This is why previous Emperor, Showa Tennou was strongly against the  Crown Prince Naruhito’s marriage with MASAKO OWADA (present Crown Prince Masako). As soon as Showa Tennou passed away, the cult SGI (Soka Gakkai) and Owada family worked hard to send MASAKO to the Imperial House, for example,  by spreading rumors about other Princess candidates (Toyota Company’s daughter etc.).

Her behavior towards to this matter of MINAMATA DISEASE is too careless. It is not a proper action for her position, as Crown Princess at all. She just said ‘people are talking bad about my grandpa‘.  She attended the funeral of EGASHIRA in 2006 (Youtube below) but she did not attend the funeral of Empress Kojun in 2000. This matter caused a great criticism in Japan.

Crown Prince’s brother, Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko visited MINAMATA memorial (水俣メモリアル) long time ago. (TV screens below) They always perform official duties like the Emperor Akihito and the Empress Michiko.

minamata memorial

prince akishino kiko

Related articles in Japanese

Article about Princess Masako and Minamata Chisso, please look photos.

A Divorce is demanded to brain-washed Crown Prince Naruhito

There are many shocking news about the cult SGI’s crimes; they have killed so many people, including prominent persons like Juzo Itami (a great film maker of Japan, please look at Wikipedia with JUZO ITAMI), politicians like Akiyo Asaki .

But this was most shocking one – Crown Princess Masako was sent by SGI, a CULT! Now we Japanese wish their IMPERIAL DIVORCE only. Please encourage divorce to our Imperial Family. The Emperor Hisahito and Empress Michiko cannot persuade brain-washed Crown Prince Naruhito at all. The topic of divorce about Crown Prince and Crown Princess has been raised among Imperial family already. SGI members who can enter the Imperial Palace, many of them are from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Imagine if Crown Princess begets a male child in the future! Please be aware, among the whole world EMPEROR exists only in Japan now. This is the fact this position is highest in the world. If the time which present Tennou, Emperor Akihito with good characters must give the position to brain- washed Crown Prince by the CULT, SGI, the hell of world starts gradually as everybody can imagine easily.

If the son of Crown Princess who is the member of SGI, becomes the Emperor of Japan, he will dominate Japan with the help of SGI and Korea. We should not forget that Daisuke Ikeda, the leader of SGI and Crown Princess Masako can be of North Korea decent. Their aim is to dominate Japan, Korea & North Korea, later the whole world. They may try to fight with other countries soon. Well, now there is a big chance to act because SGI’s leader, Daisaku Ikeda must have passed away this year. SGI has been still trying to hide this fact to continue their plot though his death has been publicized by media.

We need help from other countries! Please kindly help our Emperor and Empress, second Prince Akishino’s family who have been suffered from those facts alone and tortured by Crown Princess Masako and her SGI members. You will also find out these facts easily through internet. These things are not secret any more in Japan. You will find out lot of those articles in Enghlish, videos of Youtube.

We have been praying Emperor Akihito lives long, being afraid of brain-washed Crown Prince Naruhito is going to become next Emperor…

Scandal : A Secret Meeting of Crwon Princess Masako & three cult SGI’s members at JAL Hotel This site is maintained by a Japanese citizen who collects scandals of Owada family and the cult Soka Gakkai (SGI). It contains several scanned articles from well-known Japanese magazines.

Everybody, Japanese and even other foreign countries know that Crown Princess Masako always abandons her duties as Crown Princess and as a member of Imperial Family of Japan due to mental health problem, but finally it is said her illness is faked. She stays up for whole night and goes to bed at 8 AM. She never attends early morning Shinto’s ritual. She sleeps well and totally fine in all other time.

Now all Japanese already know that Crown Princess Masako spends lot of money for her private life, leisure as media shot so many photos and videos which shows she is totally enjoying her vacation and she looks totally healthy. Why she never attends morning ritual which all imperial family attends? This is common style of the cult SGI’s members that they refuse all other religions, even other sects of Bhuddism, it is well-known they really fire all books of other religions and other religious organizations. This is the one of orders from SGI. They are such fanatic by brain-washed.

Crown Princess Masako is always seen in high-class restaurants, resorts. Once her scandal broke, on 18th January 2005 Princess Masako and three executives of the cult SGI (Mr.Kenichiro Sasae, Mr.Tsukasa Uemura and another person) were meeting at JAL Hotel in Roppongi, Tokyo during her recuperation by a well-known Japanese weekly magazine ‘Shukan Bunshun’ (February 10, 2005 Edition).↓

CP Masako at Jal Hotel

The statue of Crown Princess Masako & Aiko was named ‘Korean Princess Baby’

Our Japanese People became to know this news below around 2007:

The one of facts is the statue of Crown Princess Masako & Aiko which was made by Korean Government (it is not North Korea). It was shown on this site. But now you cannot find it out from this link. Anyhow luckily many people copied this photo and spread in internet. And this photo’s name was  ‘Korean Princess Baby’…. it shows a horror fact.

If you search with the word ‘雅子さん  愛子さん  銅像’  ( means Masako, Aiko, Statue) with google, you can see this statue. (It means ‘Masako Aiko Satatue’ only. ) If you use google search with this Japanese sentence, it shows about 293,000 results (on 4 June 2013). That shows this statue made by Korean Govt. have been confusing Japanese to great extent because as you know, Korea and Japan are not good friends.

Korean Princess Baby

One of many Confused Japanese put a question why Government of South Korea built a statue of Princess Masako & Aiko? on Yahoo Japan site:

After Little Princess Aiko was born to Crown Princess Masako in 2001, the second son of Emperor Akihito, Prince Akishino was blessed a son, little Prince Hisahito in 2006. South Korean Government totally ignored this news of new born male child though they sent lot of congratulatory addresses to Aiko’s birth. In Japan, Empress is not accepted easily. Crown Princess Masako who was sent by SGI has been insisting that Princess Aiko must be our Empress in the future. This was official announcement.

Mr. Yutaka Egashira, Crown Princess Masako’s grandfather was the president of CHISSO Corporation, which caused MINAMATA Disease.

It is said Princess Masako’s father Hisashi Owada is of North Korea decent. These were kept as secrets for Crown Prince Naruhito’s marriage with her. Among the candidates of his bride, only Masako Owada’s family did not submit her family pedigree. Since Owada family and SGI planned so intelligent way that Owada people including executives of Government Japan who are SGI members insisted not to investigate her birth and parentage for racial discrimination. Innocent Royal family was deceived by them.

Princess Masako’s father, Hisashi Owada arranged travels to foreign countries several times for SGI’s leader, Daisaku Ikeda with the governmental expense. The Hisashi Owada’s actions were illegal in Japan and this matter was put a question during the National Congress No.134. on 27th November, 1995. The whole record of the congress is shown in official website of Government.


First of all, in the beginning, Masako Owada was not selected as a bride. Showa tennou, the previous Emperor of Japan was opposed to the marriage of Crown Prince Naruhito with Masako Owada among several other candidates. The only reason was : Mr. Yutaka Egashira, Crown Princess Masako’s grandfather was the president of CHISSO Corporation, which caused CHISSO MINAMATA Disease.  Even in public, Mr. Egashira reacted in so vicious ways that he used even Japanese mafia to let people to keep quiet. The world famous photographer, Eugene Smith died due to their violence. You can see this incident in Wikipedia’s page of ‘Eugene Smith’.

Minamata Disease Victim, Eugene Smith

Minamata Disease Victim – Mother & Daughter

MInamata by E. Smith

After Showa Tennou passed away, Owada people started to their plot and succeeded. Owada & SGI attempted to give an impression that only Imperial Family insisted Masako Owada must wed with Crown Prince Naruhito.

It is said SGI’s present leader, Daisake Ikeda is of  Korea decent, too. He declared his aim is to make Japan as a country of SGI. He has been succeeding 50% already, it seems.

‘We have recently updated our open-access poweroint presentation on the public health and social justice website covering the history of Minamata Disease (methylmercury poisoning) and illustrated with poignant photography of W Eugene Smith. For decades the Chisso Corporation dumped methylmercury into Minamata Bay Japan, resulting in high levels of mercury in fish caught by bay’s residents, leading to miscarriages, congenital Minamata disease, and adult Minamata Disease. The slide show discusses the toxic effects of mercury on human health, the legal history of events at Minamata, and the conflicts faced by those who worked at Chisso (including many who had affected family members and the company’s chief physician/researcher). The slide show also includes some of W Eugene Smith’s famous photographs from the Country Doctor and Nurse Midwife series, as well as some of his well-known war photographs. The presentation is open-access, and can therefore be used with trainees and health professionals interested in seeing and learning more about the consequences of mercury exposure and the need for strong public health measures to reduce exposures.’