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Olympic? Japan’s Monju in danger, too! & People who write the truth on Internet will be punished under new law

Landslide at MOX-fueled Japan Nuclear Plant — AP: Emergency data transmission from Monju stops as typhoon hits — Kyodo: Can’t access site due to mudslides, reactor temperatures unknown by ENENEWS

Associated Press, Sept. 16, 2013: At Japan’s Monju test reactor site in Fukui, which is currently off-line, an emergency data transmission system went down, apparently due to storm damage, regulators said Monday, an indication of risk management issues at Japanese nuclear facilities even after the Fukushima crisis.


Monju Nuclear Power Plant: “A sodium cooled, MOX-fueled, loop-type reactor”

I am not willing to live in Japan… see next article. Anyway I am working in other countries mostly. – Juzo Itami 1997

Famous Japanese Actress: Gov’t is covering up Fukushima crisis — “Our nation has a right to know” — People who write the truth on Internet will be punished under new law — TV stars in Japan are to never discuss political views by ENENEWS


Norika Fujiwara – (C.Youmiuri)

Japan Times, Sept. 18, 2013: Norika Fujiwara [former Miss Japan] has broken an unwritten rule of the television business: sharing her political views. The popular model and actress has come out against a bill that stiffens penalties against civil servants who leak classified information. […] In a message posted on Friday, Fujiwara accused the government of covering up the truth about the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant, and spreading misinformation about radiation and leaks of radioactive water there. “As a citizen I am really concerned about it,” Fujiwara wrote in another message. “Our nation has a right to know.” […] “Once the bill is signed, the people who will write the truth on the Internet (or through other means) will be punished,” she stressed. […]