Ask Princess Masako why she enjoyed skiing and ignored most important historical Shinto’s event in March 2014

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited Ise Shrine for the most important historical event of Shinto on 26 March, 2014. This was quite big news.

Imperial Couple visit Ise Shrine


Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited Ise Shrine in Mie Prefecture on Wednesday, following the ceremony last October to transfer the shrine deity to a new building. 

During their visit to the shrine, the Imperial jewel and sword, two of the family’s three sacred treasures, were moved out of Tokyo’s Imperial Palace for the first time since they made a similar trip 20 years ago. The other treasure, a mirror, is always kept at Ise Shrine.

In the morning, the Emperor and Empress entered the shrine’s Geku compound, which is dedicated to Toyouke Omikami, the god responsible for food, clothing and shelter.

The couple planned to visit the Naiku compound, which enshrines Amaterasu Omikami, worshipped as the ancestral deity of the Imperial family, in the afternoon.

Before World War II,  emperors brought the sacred treasures with them when they stayed outside the Imperial Palace  for at least one night.

The custom ended after the war in light of the Constitutional principle of separating government and religion as well as security concerns. 

(JAPAN TIMES, 26 March 2014)


Three sacred treasures of Shinto on 25th March 2014 when Emperor and Empress travels to Ise from Tokyo by the train  – look at black boxes on video!


All Japanese were interested in this historical event to shift three sacred treasures of Shinto. Even atheists who are many in Japan were attracted by this rare happening.

To our big surprise and upset, during the Emperor Akihito and the Empress Michiko attending such an important ritual of Shinto, their son, Prince Naruhito and Princess Masako were skiing with their daughter Aiko in a resort, Nagano prefecture. Japanese nations could not believe their behavior, for they are successors to those thrones. Anyhow it is a well-known fact that Princess Masako is a member of criminal Buddhist cult SGI (Soka Gakkai), the biggest cult of Japan which teaches their members not to accept any other religion and even any other Buddhist sects. There is a rule that they must burn other religious books if they get. Up to now Princess Masako has never attended any Shinto’s traditional ceremony which all other the Imperial families have been attending. You cannot find out any lastest or past news that she was in Shinto’s shrine. If anybody finds out, please show us. You will never find out even one news of the past.

All Japanese know that she does not like duties but loves leisure, especially to travel Europe countries. If media of other countries, any king or queen, prince or princess of other countries have a chance to contact her, please ask Princess Masako why she has never been attending Shinto’s ceremony, never enter shrines. The Imperial Household of Japan cannot exist without Shinto as you can know our history of Japan.

We can tell the answer in advance : a cult SGI’s member is never allowed to enter shrines, churches etc.
Crown Prince Family Visit Nagano ( the photo : at the time of departure to Nagano on 24th March 2014)

Crown Prince Family Visit Nagano : News Photo JPN: Emperor Akihito Visits Ise Shrine ( the photo : on 26th March 2014)

Emperor Akihito Visits Ise Shrine : News Photo

Well, this horror cult organization is still keeping the secret that Daisaku Ikeda, the criminal leader of SGI had passed away a few years ago. Nobody has seen him in public since many years but publishing ‘his words’ in their magazines by using ghostwriters. It’s well-known that Daisaku Ikeda had always ghostwriters, Mr.Ysuji Kirimura 桐村泰次 , Mr. Takashi Harashima 原島嵩 for books in his name.

Please ask them to let you meet their great leader Daisaku Ikeda, in general they will be happy if you are very important persons of the world or media. Let’s test them in this way! They will lose their peace immediately. But never go alone, they may kill you like cases of Juzo Itami, and many other people. Do not forget they are more than Aum Shinrikyo who killed innocent people in public with sarin gas in Tokyo and other places around 1995. Do not believe them, Japanese cults are such crazy and dangerous people. Their aim is to control whole Japan and some other countries, like Korea, India, China and USA. Do not allow them to establish any institutions like they have already in USA (Soka University) and India (medical college in Chennai) etc.

 We must show this video, too. which we introduced was deleted but the same one is here again. (check the video from the post ‘ Crown Princess Masako – A Parasite the Taxpayer’s money!’)

  ‘SGI (Soka Gakkai) controls media’  Please ask your Japanese friends what they are discussing in this TV program. They will explain happily. Because all of us see SGI as a dangerous cult.



New Flash!!! Japanese Government purchased 55 satellite images of the 311 Fukushima for 48 million yen from US for a classified secret!

This was a scoop at the national assembly on 19 Novemeber 2013.


The Video from the National Assembly on 19 Nov 2013

I cannot find out this article in English with Google. Perhaps, because it has been already a SECRET. Nobody should tell in other languages. But we do and you can find so many articles about it in Japanese with only three simple Japanese words – 福島 写真 4800万円 which mean ‘Fukushima’ ‘photo’ ‘48 million yen’. How wicked those Japanese politicians are! Obviously they want to establish a new law mainly to keep secret of own crimes from the own nation and the world, that’s all. Be aware! Japan would be most dangerous country in the whole world if you allow them to create such a new law. We Japanese don’t want to live in such a country.

Independent UN experts seriously concerned about Japan’s special secrets bill

UN’s article in English

Ooooops! This article cannot be seen any more! Why?? If you search the topic with google, it still hits About 8,020,000 (0.49 seconds) results now…

Related article. the video shows the conversation between Mr. KATO (Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary) and Mr.AKAMINE (a politician) about 55 photos of Fukushima Accident at the national assembly on 19 November 2013. This video may vanish soon. Please download and keep as a proof.

Question & Answer about 311 Fukushima satellite images at National Assembly, 19th Nov. 2013 (in Japanese, I will try to translate it later)


About Ktsunobu Kato加藤勝信 on Wikipedia

About Seiken AKAMINE 赤嶺 政賢on Wikipedia

Crown Princess Masako – A Parasite the Taxpayer’s money!

There was news on 26 March 2013: when Crown Prince and Princess Masako and Aiko Shinnou (her daughter) were at Tokyo railway station just before 11 AM for going skiing, a man around 60 shouted at Princess Masako ‘Malingerer! Lazy fellow! A PARASITE THE TAXPAYER’S MONEY! Leave the Imperial House!!’ (‘皇太子ご一家に東京駅で男性が罵声浴びせる’ – search the article in Japanese by copy and paste.)

The scene was thrown into a commotion for the moment and the police quelled the man. He was released immediately. His words expressed that are representative of many Japanese. They supported the man on websites like Twitter and blogs.

‘Princess Masako cannot attend any duties because she is sick but she can ride a horse for five hours continuously.’ (this was a true story)

Crown Princess Masako has been criticized for long years because though she has refused so many public duties she often had seen at leisure facilities, high class restaurants and high class department stores by sending away the people who had been there before. Other Imperial families do not such actions in public. Additionally Princess Masako’s family, OWADA people (Masako’s twin sisters and parents) are often seen together on Princess Masako’s expensive tours. It means money is used by them, too. This is always pointed out.


Some years ago, finally The Emperor and Empress of JAPAN who had always patience sent an unprecedented message in public to Crown Princess Masako and brain-washed Crown Prince Naruhito who were just spending holidays in the Netherlands (see YOUTUBE above).

The main message from The Emperor and Empress was ‘We have visited overseas only for official duties but never gone for reason of private matter. It may sound a criticism but it is not. We would like to let both of you recognize the importance of DUTIES’

You many not believe articles from this blog site, then you can search the same matters in Japanese with Google search etc. I give a few related words below about these things. You can copy and past, check how many people, how many websites are writing same matters in Japanese. Nobody can deny the fact.

1.雅子 創価 – meaning : Masako (Princess Masako), Soka Gakkai (the cult SGI)   ‘創価’ and ‘創価学会’ is the same.

2.大和田 恒 雅子 創価 カルト– meaning : Hisashi Owada (Masako’s own father), Masako, Soka Gakkai (the cult SGI), the cult (sect)

3.雅子 税金泥棒  – meaning : Masako (Princess Masako), A parasite taxpayer’s money


Magazine Shincho45 (May 2013) ‘s main topic was ‘Crown Prince, it’s better to abdicate’ (above)

Especially in 2013 people cannot keep quiet any more, several popular magazines give articles about brain-washed Prince Naruhito and Prince Masako. They show opinions of prominent people and nations to Crown Prince Naruhito to divorce, or abdicate from the title of the Imperial House. Actually in the present rule, the abdication of the Crown Prince is not allowed so they insist ‘DIVORCE from Princess Masako’.

1. Related blog in Japanese from Madam Dewi Sukarno (Japanese wife of the late President of the Indonesia, Sukarno )

2. Many magazines in 2013 give articles about the matter of Prince Naruhito’s abdication and divorce.


Here is the extra article (above) from the past, Princess Masako’s father Mr. Hisashi OWADA who was the director of the Foreign Minister supported the leader of the cult Soka Gakkai (SGI), Mr.Daisaku Ikeda for overseas trips with the money of Government. One of those application letters for the trips to Mr. OWADA (in his name) from SGI was revealed in public and the matter was discussed in the Parliament, the whole record can be seen on the government website even now.


Because our law doesn’t allow the connection between politics and religious organization. Such a criminal cult which killed many people is still treated as a religious organization, though Government of France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Chile etc. identified Soka Gakkai (SGI) as a CULT officially. In our country, people believe that Soka Gakkai (SGI) is more dangerous than Aum Shinrikyo (Aum sect) which caused a terrorism, the poison sarin attacks in several places in Japan, around 1995. (see wiki)

Have you recognized that our Youtube videos don’t show on our site any more? This kind of disturbance will happen only when we write truths. I am happy with that I could show the evidence on our blog. To my surprise, since last week static shows that watchers are mainly from JAPAN and they read mostly Princess Masako’s articles. Then videos cannot be watched any more. SGI and its member Mr.OWADA (previous the director of the Foreign Ministry) has such power in society. It is well-known the press of JAPAN has been dominated by the cult Soka Gakkai (SGI) for long years because SGI is main customer for printing and advertisement. SGI is so rich that they can have own printing company but they don’t do because of that purpose, the controlling mass-media. It is a horror fact of Japan.

Discussion about the dominance of mass-media by the cult Soka Gakkai (SGI) on TV – 創価のメディア支配 (Youtube below)


JAPAN Emperor and Empress visited the bereaved families of MINAMATA Disease victims

Updated 11 November 2013


Crown Princess Masako and her grandfather the late Mr. Yutaka EGASHIRA, ex-president of  CHISSO Corp.which caused MINAMTA DISEASE.

On 27 October 2013, Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress  visited Minimata city and offered flowers to the cenotaph for MINAMTA DISEASE victims. They visited MMINAMATA Memorial, MINAMATA Desease Municipal Museum and talked with the bereaved families of victims for the first time.

The news in English

When I knew this news, I had a question why Princess Masako doesn’t go there?

It is well-known that  Crown Princess Masako’s grandfather was the president of CHISSO Corp. which caused MINSMATA DISEASE. His name is Yutaka EGASHIRA, he lived with MASAKO’s family.

It is well-known that Mr.EGASHIRA was so arrogant and wicked. He sent victims’ families and the press away with YAKUZA. He never apologized victims and their families.

Mr.Egashira said in public, on TV etc. ‘What cheek! What a thing for COMMONERS to say to us! The poor ate rotten fishes and became ill!’ (this is very famous phrases from Egashira)

Mr.Egashira shouted ‘Shut up, poor fellows!’ to the victims who were  stockholders at a general meeting of shareholders.


A photo-journalist Eugene Smith (photo above) was beaten up by YAKUZA who were employed by EGASHIRA. It caused Eugene’s death.  Later his wife and daughter were raped by them. This is the article from ‘The Telegraph‘ site.

1971 In Japan, W. Eugene Smith is badly beaten by employees of the Chisso Corporation, whose systematic dumping of mercury into Minamata Bay had poisoned the local people who ate its fish. ‘They snatched the cameras, then hit me in the stomach. Then they dragged me out and slammed my head on the concrete.’ He survives, but with limited vision in one eye.  from  ‘The Telegraph – Magnum: snapshots of history’

This is why previous Emperor, Showa Tennou was strongly against the  Crown Prince Naruhito’s marriage with MASAKO OWADA (present Crown Prince Masako). As soon as Showa Tennou passed away, the cult SGI (Soka Gakkai) and Owada family worked hard to send MASAKO to the Imperial House, for example,  by spreading rumors about other Princess candidates (Toyota Company’s daughter etc.).

Her behavior towards to this matter of MINAMATA DISEASE is too careless. It is not a proper action for her position, as Crown Princess at all. She just said ‘people are talking bad about my grandpa‘.  She attended the funeral of EGASHIRA in 2006 (Youtube below) but she did not attend the funeral of Empress Kojun in 2000. This matter caused a great criticism in Japan.

Crown Prince’s brother, Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko visited MINAMATA memorial (水俣メモリアル) long time ago. (TV screens below) They always perform official duties like the Emperor Akihito and the Empress Michiko.

minamata memorial

prince akishino kiko

Related articles in Japanese

Article about Princess Masako and Minamata Chisso, please look photos.

The Open Secret of JAL123 – a historical national crime 2

Updated 11 November 2013

 ‘The Open Secret of JAL123 – a historical national crime 1’ Please check the last post, if you are a new reader.

Newspapers (Asahi, Nikkei etc.) reported ‘7 or 8 people’ were survived from JAL123 with a photo of a boy!!! But later they reported only 4 female Japanese were found out alive. There have been no news about other survivors up to today.


Nikkei evening newspaper (above) reports they found out 7 survivors (生存者7人発見) on the top page. (published on 13 August 1985)


This is a famous photo (black and white) from the accident JAL 123. It’s a boy obviously, you can see he is okay. look at his arm. The arm is showing he is still alive. But later nobody could see him any more. The boy from other colored photo is the late Ken Miyajima (9 years old) who was a passenger of JAL123, it was taken one month before the case of JAL123. The boy from the black and white photo seems to be him only.

There are also several witness who were villagers nearby. They heard the voices about 40 or 50 people at the spot of the accident 4 a.m., 13 August 2009. After one hour the vices stopped completely. They saw a girl who was completely fine and running around, she was not willing to ride on a stretcher so. Members of the Self Defense Forces reported : a boy who was around 7 or 8 years old was running around, witness says it must be Ken MIYAJIMA. Witness also saw a man who lost only one finger and quite fine. Where is the man? The press says survivors have been only 4 female Japanese forever… probably those who were fine had to die because they observed all secret activities during the night.


It is said around 200 people were alive but they were killed. Some dead bodies seemed be burned twice as specialists say. One of them was Dr.Tsutomu Okuni, a dentist, vice-president of the Police Medical Association, Gunma. He says ‘trees nearby were not burned at all, but I wonder why those bodies are scorched black’.  Many years later few people found out a strange bottle at the place of the accident (photo below). They took it to home. As soon as they opened it, they felt so sick and they were confined to their beds for several days.


The bottle which is believed that they used killed all other survivors of JAL 123. (Many tells it was VX gas.)

As a volunteer fire brigade says there were no sign that doctors, nurses were sent to the spot of the accident, he had a impression from their behavior that they’d known there was no survivors. Even the press found out survivors and tried to help. If there were no press people, there must have been no survivors from JAL 123 accident as many people say.

Villagers saw two helicopters at the night of 12 August 1985, but the Self Defense Force arrived at the spot only in the morning of 13 August, 14 hours after the accident. A survivor, a flight attendant of JAL123, Ms. Yumi OCHIAI says she heard the people’s voices and sound of helicopter, too, at the midnight. When she woke up, she was in the hospital. Another survivor, Keiko Kawakami also heard many people’s voices and she saw torch lights during the night but nobody helped them. Then she lost consciousness.

Later two pilots of  the Air Self Defense Force commit suicides. Nobody believes it, look at the photo of them (a). They are too high in the air for committing suicides, without any foothold. It is said the reason of their suicides were those two were homo-sexual…who believes? They did not perform autopsies on them as usual in Japan (please read ‘The End of Japan society Part1’) . Strange enough, many doubtful suicides continued endlessly since then. More than 90 members of  the Self Defense Forces committed suicides in 1986. They had never reported the number of suicides of members of the Self Defense Forces before. But they insisted they’d started to record the number of suicide since 1981 and the number increased since 1982 though nobody heard about it before.  Why did they have to tell a thinly veiled lie?


Photo (b) looks like a part of the tail assembly of the JAL. You can see the symbol of JAL, a red crane. It is said 70% of the tail assembly  of JAL123 has not been found out.  Those two photos were handed over to colleague(s) by a member of the Air Self Defense Force and he died after two months, it was a suicide as they reported.

Who ordered to kill them all of JAL123? Mr. Sasou, previous elite employee of JAL said ‘it must be the then Prime Minister Yasuhiro NAKASONE,  in his lecture just one day before Mr.Sasou was poisoned. We will never forgive Nakasone, who killed innocent people, own Japanese people, involving foreigners from West Germany, Italy, USA, UK, Hong Kong, India (three Indians), South Korea (I could find out them only from the list of passengers, few of them seemed to be Asians but the nationalities are not written).

There were some other possible reasons, one of them was : four people who had economic power in Japan, who were against PLAZA ACCORD were in JAL 123. Of course, they all died, one of four was the late Mr.Ikuo URAKAMI (浦上郁夫)the then president of HOUSE FOODS CORPORATION. Another person was the late Mr.Hajimu Nakano (中埜 肇), the then president of Hanshin Tigers (a Nippon Professional Baseball team) and also the then Executive Vice President of Hanshin Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.



This is a documentary TV program after 15 years of the accident JAL 123. Please watch this video on YOUTUBE from about 40:20. This part is in English from the president of Celeris Aerospace Canada Inc., Mr. Stephen Hall who analysed the Flight Recorder of JAL 123 has a different view about its accident now.

In general a Flight Recorder will not be opened to the public, but after 15 years, they opened JAL123’s Flight Recorder to react people’s doubts and criticism in the year of 2000, of course for a cover-up. It failed. Specialists found out they deleted the record partially and altered it. For example, there was a quite strange, unnatural conversation between flight attendant and a pilot.  After they analysed it, that cannot be conversation, it was just joined together by an alteration. The original Flight Recorder of JAL123 was destroyed by JAL. Anyhow one thing was very sure that the Flight Recorder of JAL123, there was NO DECOMPRESSION.

Do you believe this blog can exist?  I am not sure. If I know I wrote something wrong, I will edit, if possible.

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4. Re-investigation is demanded. (in Japanese) There was no decompression (a survived crew’s testimony). This is one of reasons that they wanted to kill all passengers, crews. Nobody should have talked what they saw on JAL123.

The Open Secret of JAL123 – a historical national crime 1

Dear readers, it may happen this blog would disappear soon.  If anybody is interested in my articles, copy and spread them, I will not ask you any copyright.


JAL123 Boeing JA8119 in the old days (photo above)

Do you know, or do you remember the accident of  JAL  Flight 123 in 1985 (12 August)?  It is the deadliest single-aircraft accident in history, and the second-deadliest accidental plane crash in history behind the Tenerife airport disaster. (more……. in wikipedia)  Only four Japanese (female) survived as it tells.  The public reports of the accident of JAL123 are full of lies obviously. For example, a survivor, Ms. Yumi OCHIAI, a crew of JAL123 testified there was no decompression. The photo below from JAL123’s passenger and JAL123’s voice recorder proved it. Pilots cannot speak like that voice recorder of JAL123 shows if there was decompression. If we search the word ‘JALl123’ with google, it hits 216,000 today. People are very interested in this accident, now nobody believe what we can read the report in wikipedia.


The famous photo which was taken by a passenger of JAL123. The photographer died. You cannot see decompression. If it happens, things would fly and jump in the air.


The survivor, Ms.Yumi OCHIAI (落合由美), a crew of JAL123 who was a passenger on the day says ‘there was no decompression. ‘  It can be also proved by the fact that many passengers wrote their last words.

Everybody believed that this was just a tragic accident but now many Japanese think it might have been a political plot with countless proofs and doubts from photos, witness etc.

map      passengers

Mr.Kunio SASOU (佐宗邦皇)who was a elite employee of JAL researched about the accident  of JAL Flight 123 for long years, insisted that it was a political plot with the matter of PLAZA ACCORD (September 1985)  with USA in his lecture on 7 August, 2009. Next day, on 8 August 2009, when he was at his lecture in Tokyo, as soon as he drunk green tea ( from a plastic bottle ‘oooi ocha’/photo below), he fell down.  An participant picked up the green tea bottle immediately, but several men tried to snatch it with fierce looks (they can be public safety commissioners as peopole say). Mr.SASOU was hospitalized and he passed away at 11 a.m. on 9 August 2009.

sasou oooiocha

The late Mr. Kunio SASOU’s last lecture on 7 August 2009 (it was about the truth of JAL 123) can be watched on YOUTUBE. Next day, he was poisoned. He says in the lecture ‘US threatened by weapon in the matter of PLAZA ACCORD, it was Neutron bomb (missile) which shot the JAL123.’ Actually many people saw a mushroom cloud in the sky at the time.


On TV news, at the beginning, they reported : ‘several members of the Self Defense Forces were shot dead by higher officer. Instead of rescue of  JAL 123, first of all, they must carry nuclear contaminated materials to Osaka.’  Then soon, there was an announcement  on same TV news; ‘the last information was wrong’…… it’s easy to understand stupid people like them. Mass-media was controlled by the Government made people and rescue parties confused by reporting wrong spot of the accident.

continued to :

The Open secret of JAL123 – a historical national crime 2

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The End of Japan society Part 2, why ‘Pepper Lunch Assaults’ ve been covered up

PEPPER LUNCH ASSAULT is one of horror hidden incidents of Japan especially for women in OSAKA. Because the mass-media and the Police have kept quiet , many people did not know it but now it is openly discussed about it on internet. ‘They’ cannot control angry nation any more. If you search the word ‘ペッパーランチ事件’ (means ‘Pepper Lunch Case’) in Japanese with google, it hits  225,000 today.

PEPPER LUNCH is a fast-steak franchise restaurant, Pepper Lunch on wikipedia in Japanese have the article about its scandal ‘Pepper Lunch Assault’ but not in English version. There are over 200 restaurants in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Macau, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and USA.

YOMIURI newspaper reports (Japanese) : ‘that a the manager and another worker at a Pepper Lunch in Shinsaibashi, OSAKA assaulted a female customer last week and stole her money. Closing the shutters just after midnight, the manager produced a stun gun and told the woman in her twenties not to move or he would kill her. They drugged her with sleeping pills, took her away, bound her and, when they had raped her, stole 55,000 yen (about 550 US Dollars). She was left bound in a garage but managed to free herself and find help. The police have arrested the men and the restaurant has been closed. There were no other customers at the time of the assault.’ – 16 May 2007

This happened on 9 May 2007. But the news was reported by leak only around 2 PM on 16 May 2007. This was not a mere assault case, but HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Culprits used condoms, the place were scattered with many condoms . Many car licenses, ATM cards from women, lingerie were found out in the shop ‘PEPPER LUNCH Shinsaibashi, Osaka. It seemed they had captivated many women before, and they were never found again. 

On the same day, 16 May 2007, at 8:29 PM,  the perpetrator’s confession was so bad that there was a issue to mass-media not to report anything about this case. It was informed by a journalist to his friend. From that time, there was very less news about it, of course, no details. Strange enough, national channel of Japan ‘NHK’ did not report at all from the beginning.

And within two days, the police cleaned up the restaurant and the garage, all evidence was destroyed.


This was a news about Pepper Lunch Case on TV, it says they are sentenced to 12 years penal servitude only.


Principal (above) Daisuke KITAYAMA and accessory (below) Masanobu MIYAKE who is the member of the famous cult ‘Soka Gakkai‘ (SGI), both of them were 25 years old. But strangely the press used only their photos at the age of 14 – 15 years old.  There were two more accessories and the police never give any information in public though they had their photos and knew their names. Those two have not been arrested. Additionally two more victims were captivated at the same time with the lady on the news, those two ladies were never found again as culprit’s  neighboring acquaintance confessed in public.

As soon as the press reported, these six Pepper Lunch branches below closed shops which were very far from the OSAKA branch. They must have committed same crimes.

1.  Kitasenju branch, TOKYO

2. Shimokitazawa branch, TOKYO

3.Chitosekarasuyama branch, TOKYO

4.Shibuya-Meijidorizoi branch, TOKYO

5.Fukuoka-nishijin branch, FUKUOKA

6.Fukuoka-Tenjinchikagai branch, FUKUOKA

Other Pepper Lunch restaurants are still running. Young people, students are still going without knowing the past crime of Pepper Lunch. People wonder how they can keep restaurants after they had committed such a big crime.

Discussion about the Pepper Lunch Assaults on TV (Japan)   :  Yoko Tajima wonders why the rape at Pepper Lunch story has received relatively little coverage. It did receive TV coverage when it initially came to light but she claims that most newspaper articles were fairly small affairs tucked away inside. Tajima wonders whether it has to do with the fact that the president has political connections. One of her comments, based on rumours from 2ch, is given a lengthy edit during the broadcast. Interestingly, one of the presenters notes that when Japanese first started going abroad, there were always warnings about these kinds of crimes overseas and yet now Japan seems to have its own fair share.


Ms.Yoko Tajima on well-known TV program ‘Takajin Iinkai

Details about Pepper Lunch Assault in Japanese 

I may add more information later.

The End of Japan society Part 1, the secret list of customers for Lolicon Prostitution

This is the one of which many Japanese have started to have interests about top secrets of own country like Pepper Lunch Rape Case in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. Both incidents were quite big news but the stories were being played down after a short time in the press.. Those two incidents have not been reported by mass-media any more.  This Lolicon Prostitution Case  was uploaded on Wikipedia so many times and deleted repeatedly. I am afraid I could not find out English article in internet. Now you can read the article only in Japanese.

Akasaka Petit Angel (Child Prostitution) Case in Wikipedia プチエンジェル事件

In July 2003, four girls from 6th class of the elementary schools  were captivated in a mansion at Akasaka, Tokyo which belong to a big boss of politicians Mr. Ichiro OZAWA‘s fund-managing organization ‘Rikuzankai‘.


Does a politian’s fund-managing organization need such rooms for their work? (This is a room of the mansion ‘Prime Akasaka’ where the police took four girls into protective custody. Address is ‘Prime Akasaka’ 2-17 Akasaka, Minatoku, Tokyo. This is one of 8 mansions – Mr. Ozawa’s hidden property.

In the beginning of this news, TV channels reported the police found out the list of 2,000 customers for Lolicon Prostitution. They were many politicians, lawyers, doctors, and actors. Suddenly they stopped mentioning about the list. Meanwhile one man was found dead. His name is Kotaro YOSHIZATO. He was the culprit and he made a suicide as news said though the situation of his death showed a murder case. It is said politicians used yakuza to kill him.

After several weeks, Mr. Satoru SOMEYA (pen name was Kuragaki Kashiwabara), a freelance journalist who was researching the mystery of the Petit Angel Case (mainly about the list) was found dead at Tokyo Bay. Hid back was stabbed repeatedly. His body was sunk with spindles (total 22kg) in to the sea.

The list was in the hand of Mr. Iwao Uruma, Police Excecutive as everybody knows now. He was promoted soon, becoming Commissioner General of the National Police Agency (2004-2007) and later Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary (2008-2009).

It has spread that they were the members of the Petit Angel Club :

You can search the word プチエンジェル事件 with google in Japanese. (means Petit Angel Case) It hits  550,000 today. We cannot believe mass-media, the police, politicians in Japan any more.   c.f. Pepper Lunch Rape Case.

In this case, it seemed two died. One is the culprit, the owner of the Petit Angel Club, the other one was the freelance journalist.


Mr. Masahiko Ueno (on TV screen), who was previous Director General of Tokyo Medical Examiner’s Office says, 90% of suicides cases are murder cases in deed. 

When the police concludes a incident as a suicide, 90% will carry a postmortem examination in the West. In Japan only 8% of cases will be examined. Isn’t it crazy?! Japan is a developing country…

Olympic? TEPCO Executives live in foreign countries with their families secretly.

Very rich TEPCO’s Executives who had responsibilities at the time of 311 have not been punished legally and now they are living in foreign countries with their families secretly. Why? Is it so dangerous to live in Japan? We Japanese are very angry with such feckless fellows.

Here is the list of executives who have been living in other countries with their own families. Please kindly tell them to go back to Japan and take their responsibilities if you see them in your countries. It is not a problem only for Japan any more.

1. Tsunehisa KATSUMATA (previous chairman of TEPCO), living in a very rich mansion of DUBAI where even other DUBAI people would like to live in. (There is no data about where others (no.2-no.6) are living.)

Present Job : Japan Atomic Power Company、Outside Director


Mr. Katsumata

2. Masataka SHIMIZU (previous president of TEPCO)

Present job : the affiliated company of TEPCO ‘Fuji Oil Company Ltd.‘, Outside Director



3. Suguru (or Yu) TAKEI (previous vice-president of TEPCO) / Present Job :  the affiliated company of TEPCO Arabian Oil Company Ltd., Outside Auditor


Mr.Takei from

4.Fumiaki MIYAMOTO (previous managing director of TEPCO) / Present Job :  the affiliated company of TEPCO ‘Nippon Field Engineering‘, President

5.Shigeru KIMURA (previous director of TEPCO) / Present Job : the affiliated company of TEPCO, Vice-President



6.Makio FUJIWARA (previoussuperintendent of TEPCO) / Present Job :  the affiliated company of TEPCO ‘Kandenko Company, Limited.‘, Outside Auditor

I am still translating some more Information, It will be updated. I am afraid that I cannot find out two peoples’ photos…

 ・ 勝俣恒久会長  (現在、家族と共に海外在住)
・ 清水正孝社長  (現在、家族と共に海外在住)
・ 武井優副社長  (現在、家族と共に海外在住)
・ 宮本史昭常務  (現在、家族と共に海外在住)
・ 木村滋取締役  (現在、家族と共に海外在住)
・ 藤原万喜夫監査役  (現在、家族と共に海外在住)
Japanese Article about TEPCO’s cunning activities

Olympic? – Japan Doctors tell us, “We know our patients have radiation illness” but forced to keep it secret

From ENENEWS (see more… on its site…)

Thousands in Japan reported to be suffering massive and recurring nosebleeds in recent days — Gundersen: Japan doctors tell us, “We know our patients have radiation illness” but forced to keep it secret

Fairewinds Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen, Oct. 1, 2013 (At 5:10 in): The problem right now is that Japanese researchers are afraid to tell the truth. We’ve got doctors calling us at Fairewinds saying, “We know our patients have radiation illness and the hospital isn’t allowing us to tell the patients that.” […] So the last piece of this is transparency. And frankly if you leave it to the Japanese government we’re never going to get transparency. We’ve got get the people involved with an oversight panel made up of civilians who have nothing to gain, or nothing to lose from telling the truth.


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